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01 Aju Mukhopadhyay The God of Small Things or Story of Desperate Love 01-10 PDF
02 Anusha Mathew & Dr. N. Jayashree The Portrait of the ‘New Woman’ in Shobha De’s Sisters and Manju Kapur’s Home 11-18 PDF
03 Archana Heer Women as Ideological Slaves in Rupa Bajwa’s The Sari Shop 19-28 PDF
04 Dr. Asma Shaw Lyricism and Desire for Freedom : Habba Khatoon 29-39 PDF
05 Bhushan Sharma Theme of Matrimony in Shobhaa De’s Second Thoughts 40-48 PDF
06 Bindiya Rahi Singh Masochism and Melancholy in the Poetry of Kamala Das 49-60 PDF
07 Hanumant Ajinath Lokhande Regulated Representation of the Lower-Caste Characters in Manu Joseph’s Serious Men 61-70 PDF
08 Jayashree Krishna Kumar Realism in the Short Stories of Khushwant Singh 71-75 PDF
09 Dr. Lalita Gupta Exposition of Social Reality and the Predicament of Child in the Novels of Mulk Raj Anand 76-81 PDF
10 Dr. Neeti Agarwal Saran Situating Dalit Consciousness with Special Reference to Bama Faustina’s Karakku and Sangiti 82-87 PDF
11 Neha Jain Breast-giver: The Essence of a Woman 88-92 PDF
12 Nisha S. Parekh Multi-Facets of Women in Shobha De’s Snapshots and Starry Nights 93-100 PDF
13 Dr. Pankaj Kumari The Issue of Alternative Gender Roles in Mahesh Dattani’s Dance Like a Man 101-104 PDF
14 Dr. Pooja Gupta & Dr. Asha Kaushik Decoding Cultural Crisis among Anglo-Indians during Colonial Period in India: A Perspective from Combat of Shadows 105-123 PDF
15 S. Prithvika Rejuvenating the Self through Deshpande’s Ships that Pass: A Meditation on the Nature of Love and Marriage 124-129 PDF
16 Dr.S.I.Noorani & Reshama Mustpha Sanadi Indian Art Film is a Good Work of Art 130-134 PDF
17 Samriti Manchanda Quest for Identity: A Study of Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake 135-139 PDF
18 S.S.Santhi The Voice of Resistance in Shashi Deshpande's The Binding Vine 140-146 PDF
19 Dr. Satya Paul Complex Familial Relationships in Mahesh Dattani's Where There's a Will 147-153 PDF
20 Dr. Tukaram S. Sawant Earlier Indian English Fiction: A Mirror of Indianness 154-161 PDF
21 Dr. N. Sowmia kumar The Portrayal of Women in the Patriarchal Society in The God of Small Things 162-170 PDF
22 Surya. K Femininity and the Beauty Ideal: Image of the ‘Woman’ in Indian Popular Media 171-180 PDF


01 Abhik Maiti The ‘Hollow Men’ of Osborn’s Existential Heroes:A Critical Examination of the Angst Ridden Characters in John Osborn’s Look Back in Anger 181-189 PDF
02 Kusumika Dasgupta Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: A Feminist Study 190-195 PDF
03 Reshmi R.L Cross-Cultural Interchange in Doris Lessing’s The Old Chief Mshlanga and The Second Hut 196-207 PDF
04 D.S. Kaintura & Archana Silmana Feministic Perspective in Thomas Hardy’s Novels 208-213 PDF
05 Sumanpreet Kaur Violence in the Poetry of Ted Hughes 214-217 PDF
06 Tuhin Mukhopadhyay Shakespeare’s Hamlet: A Paradoxical Reading of the “Ghost” 218-225 PDF


01 Sukhvinderjit Kaur Chopra The Koh –i-Noor and its Post Colonial Ramifications 226-229 PDF
02 Kshama Balaji Theorising the Modern Urban City 230-238 PDF
03 Rafaquat Raja Demystifying Postmodernism 239-244 PDF


01 KefyalewWoreta Haile Deterrents EFL Teachers Encountered During the Implementation of Task Based Language Teaching Instruction:With Special Reference to Shalla Secondary Highschool 245-262 PDF
02 Priya Adwani Parlance of Communication in Systematic Functioning of Organization 263-270 PDF
03 Sahar M. Freihat
& Shadi M Alshraah
Students Interaction with Collocations Using Bilingual and Monolingual Dictionaries: The Case of Jordanian EFL Learners 271-286 PDF


01 Neha Dubey Commodification of Human Relationships in Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman 287-291 PDF
02 Shikha Thakur Comparative Study of the Novel and Film Adaptation of Emma Donoghue's Room 292-294 PDF


01 Bhosale Shankar Vithoba Exploring Feminity and Socio-Political Identity Crisis in the Novels of Naruddin Farah 295-299 PDF


01 Shweta Chaudhary Derek Walcott’s Omeros: A Festering Wound of Miscegenation: Biological Genocide 300-312 PDF


01 Iram Qureshi Omnipotent Wealth and Economic Disparity in America: An Analysis of Kurt Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater 313-318 PDF


01 Maddi Gulrej Shoukatali The Theme of Freedom in Imtiaz Dharker’s Poetry 319-324 PDF


01 Lipi Agarwal & Dr. Aparajita Hazra The Brothers Grimm and the Hermeneutics of Folklore: An Overview 325-333 PDF


01 G.H.Abeyweera Duality: this or that? Which is worthwhile? 334-335 PDF
02 Raheel Anwar Danced in Delight 336 PDF
03 I.Datta Sravani A Plea for Peace 337-338 PDF
04 Ishfaq Yatoo    I 339-340 PDF
05 Dr. Jimmykumar P. Prajapati Sense 341 PDF
06 Michael Lee Johnson Little Desert Flower 342 PDF
07 Kaikasi V. S A Long Lost Dream 343 PDF
08 B.R.Nagpal Light of Lights 344 PDF
09 Manepalli Roshna Love's Struggle for Eternity 345 PDF
10 Sangeetha Alwar My Reflection's Confessions 346-348 PDF
11 Savita Yadav Peace of Life 349 PDF
12 Dr. Shalini Yadav At the Frontier 350-351 PDF
13 Shweta Chaudhary Kill Me Not Father 352-353 PDF
14 Sreekala. K A Waking Dream 354-355 PDF
15 T. SreeLatha Ability of the Disabled 356-357 PDF
16 Steve De France Brick Wall 358 PDF
17 Tuhin Sengupta The Borrowed Dream 359-361 PDF
18 T. Vijayasri Know Thyself 362-363 PDF


01 Arya M. P. The Water of Life 364-366 PDF
02 Dr. Divya Gupta Destiny 367-368 PDF
03 Jason Constantine Ford Hiding the Truth 369-373 PDF
04 Frank Zahn Games with Will and Mallory 374-379 PDF
05 Gayatree Pathak Shadowy Hope 380-381 PDF
06 Rick Ewing Muffins as Big as Your Head 382-398 PDF
07 Saranyan BV Bird-Shit under the Awnings 399-403 PDF

B O O K  R E V I E W

01 Aprajita The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable by Amitav Ghosh 404-405 PDF
02 Chittaranjan Bhoi The Hunt by Dr. Phani Pohanty 406-409 PDF
03 Dr. V. Jaisre Home by Manju Kapur 410-413 PDF


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