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Aditi Abhishikta & Dr. S. Prasanna Sree

An Exposure of Women Psyche: A Selective Study in Anita Desai's Novels 01-09 PDF
02 Anita Arora Nissim Ezekiel’s Don’t Call it Suicide: A Causative Study 10-19 PDF
03 Ashoke Kumar Mandal Indian Multiculturalism: Contextualizing Sarojini Naidu on the Basis of Her Prose Work 20-29 PDF
04 Dr. Asma Shaw Creative Work and Female Individualization: Female Aesthetics in Kashmiri Folk Poetry 30-37 PDF
05 Basharatul Haq Gulzar as an Imagist Poet 38-44 PDF
06 Bilal Ahmad Dar The Half Mother as a Chronicle of Pain and Trauma of the Kashmiri Women 45-49 PDF
07 Garima Sharma The Mahabharata: A Study in the Light of Modern Narratology 50-54 PDF
08 Girish Kumar Diaspora vis-à-vis Cultural Heritage: A Case of Indians in Canada 55-60 PDF
09 Seema Gupta Composite Interiorization: A Narratological Study of R.K.Narayan’s A Tiger for Malgudi 61-66 PDF
10 Huma Yaqub Subverting and Redefining Femininity through Indigenous Tropes: Karnad’s Nagamandala and Hayavadana 67-75 PDF
11 Dr. Ruchika Katiyar Spiritual Flights: The Concept of Jevan Devata in Tagore’s Poetry 76-80 PDF
12 Dr. Kh. Kunjo Singh Patriotic Rebellion in Basavaraj Naikar’s Rayanna, the Patriot 81-86 PDF
13 B. Arokia Lawrence Vijay &
Dr. M. Leelavathi
Amitav Ghosh: The Conglomerate: A Study of Multiple Themes in The Glass Palace 87-91 PDF
14 Manju V. V. Redefining Comparative Indian Literature: A Critical Reading of Amiya Dev, Sisir Kumar Das and Ayyappa Paniker 92-97 PDF
15 Dr. Manoranjan Mishra Quest for Self in the Novels of Arun Joshi 98-103 PDF
16 Dr. V.Meenakshi Re- Representation of Myth in Girish Karnad’s The Fire and the Rain 104-112 PDF
17 Dr. Mirza Sibtain Beg Jayanta Mahapatra: A Thematic Glimpse 113-123 PDF
18 Gh. Mohiuddin Social Concerns in Mystical Poetry: A Study of Sheikh Nooruddin Wali 124-130 PDF
19 Muzifar Yousuf Connotation of Darkness in Adiga’s The White Tiger 131-135 PDF
20 Priyanka Mahajan &
Dr. Jaideep Randhawa
Role of Mahasweta Devi’s Aesthetics of Activism in Growth of Subaltern Indian Women: An Analysis of Rudali 136-144 PDF
21 Dr. Ruchika Chauhan Mahasweta Devi’s Tribals the Sons of Soil in The Book of the Hunter 145-154 PDF
22 Dr. Satya Paul Thematic and Stylistic Thrust in Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana 155-162 PDF
23 Seema Bansal Somani &
Dr.Rohit Phutela
Transgressive Discourse Representing New Forms of Femininity in Contemporary Indian Female Fiction 163-174 PDF
24 Dr. Hitesh D Raviya Contemporary Reality and Revolution of Modern Women in Shobha De’s Snapshots and Starry Nights 424-431 PDF
25 Dr. Hitesh D Raviya The Discourse of ‘Love’ and ‘Marriage’ in Shashi Despande’s Roots and Shadows, and Namita Gokhle’s Paro: Dreams of Passion 432-443 PDF


26 Anu Kuriakose Between Men and Boys: Reading Homosociality and Transvestism in The Merchant of Venice 175-183 PDF
27 Kübra Baysal Way(s) of Nature and Trans-Corporeality in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 184-190 PDF
28 Bushra Tazeen “The Cup of Their Deservings”: An Exploration of Divine Justice in Shakespeare’s King Lear 191-198 PDF
29 Saba Rauf Rafiqi The Theme of ‘‘Child Abuse’’ in Contemporary English Literature 199-202 PDF
30 Saltanat Farooq Moving Towards the Kingdom of God: Analysing Francis Thompson’s Mystical Poetry 203-210 PDF


31 Ekta Sachdeva Paradigm of Diminished Identity in Achebe’s Fiction 211-219 PDF
32 Indranee Borkar Abrogation of Language in Ngugi’s Decolonising the Mind 220-223 PDF
33 Dr. Pooja Joshi Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood: African Feminism in Context 224-228 PDF
34 Dr. Barge Sunanda Tanaji Demonstration of Race Relation in Zakes Mda’s The Madonna of Excelsoir 229-233 PDF


35 Showkat Hussain Identity and Nationalistic Categorization of Literature: A Study of Zulfikar Ghose’s Novels 234-241 PDF
36 Jasmine Sharma Elemental Racialism and Transgressive Sexuality in James Baldwin’s Another Country 242-250 PDF
37 N. Raja & Dr.V.Vinod Kumar Recent Plays of Sam Shepard: A Critical Study 251-256 PDF
38 Anjali Sharma Confronting Oppression: A Study of the Struggle against Racial Discrimination in Maya Angelou’s The Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou 257-270 PDF


39 G. Sharmely Identity Crisis of the Métis Sisters in Beatrice Culleton’s In Search of April Rain Tree 271-274 PDF
40 Sonia Sharma A Postcolonial Study of The Rez Sisters and Rose by Native Canadian Playwright Tomson Highway 275-282 PDF


41 Jesumol Charles The Key to the Ornate Lock: An Attempt of Dispossessing the Psyche of an Insecure Childhood with Ganga in Manichitrataazhu 283-293 PDF
42 Snigdha Deka ‘Her’ Cultural Capital: A Portrayal of the Role of Woman in Hindi Cinema (Devdas and Purab aur Paschim) 294-298 PDF


43 Dr. Sandhya Tiwari A Case Study of Engineering Graduates’ Reading Skills: Reasons for Poor Reading Skills and Solutions 299-304 PDF


44 Manjari Thakur The Corset Affair 305-311 PDF


45 Soumili Mondal Redefining India: From Forster’s A Passage to India to Chaudhuri’s A Passage to England 312-322 PDF


46 Neha Chatterjee Trauma, Memory and Identity in Kamila Shamsie’s Burnt Shadows 323-333 PDF


47 Qaisar Bashir Forugh Farrokhzad: A New Bold Iranian Voice 334-336 PDF


48 Abhinandan Bag Conceptualizing Transnational Space and Identity: W.B.Yeats, Ireland and Beyond 337-344 PDF


49 Arif Rashid Shah The Concept of Feminism in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll's House 345-354 PDF


01 Sidharth Anahat Autumn 355-359 PDF
02 Mohd Sajid Ansari Wretched of the City 360 PDF
03 Ashly Thomas What I Meant and What You Thought 361-362 PDF
04 Dr. Bhavna Sharma Complexity of Bond 363 PDF
05 Chris Crew In the Dust of the Rock Yard 364 PDF
06 Nayanika Dey Images of Peace 365 PDF
07 Frank Zahn Daman’s Desire to Deviate 366 PDF
08 Fareeha Khan Words 367-368 PDF
09 Michael McClintock Picking through the Rubble after Election Day 369 PDF
10 Perveiz Ali Ambiguity 370 PDF
11 Dr. Rumpa Das Living with the Enemy within 371-372 PDF
12 Sanjay KumarThakur Exam Days! 373 PDF
13 Sumaya Firdous Bleeding Hope 374-375 PDF
14 Dr. Tze Min Tsai Wind, You Have to Fly Smoothly 376 PDF


01 Blaire Logan …Enough to Kill 377-384 PDF
02 Ramesh Chandra Tiwari A Quest for God 385-390 PDF
03 Runoo Ravi Why Should “We” ???? 391-405 PDF
04 Vijay Lakshmy K V The Father of a Sweet Little Angel Writes 406-408 PDF


01 Ayshath, S.R Beyond the Vulnerable Body and the Immortal Soul: A Talk with Rajathi Salma 409-423 PDF



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