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African Literature

01 Ujhala Devi Journey from Worshipper to Abuser: An Ecocritical Reading of Arrow of God 01-11 PDF
02 Priyanka M.C. Oil Rights/Riots in the Niger Delta:  Petropolitics and Human Rights Violation in Helon Habila’s Oil on Water 12-20 PDF
03 Raj Kumar Baral Excremental Imageries as the form of Resistance in Wole Soyinka's The Interpreters 21-29 PDF
04 Sonali Saini The Journey from Self-Submission to Self-Realization of Female Characters in Everything Good Will Come 30-40 PDF

Film & Literature

01 Dr. Priyanka Pasari The Film Adaptation of Slumdog Millionaire With Respect to Unique Portrayal of Characters and Their Indianness; Rendering Pre-eminence to the Process of Creativity in Cinematic Adaptation 41-55 PDF
02 Dr. Anupama S. Varma Bollywood goes Mofussil: Decentring Mumbai in Contemporary Hindi Cinema 56-64 PDF
03 Reshma Mariam Jacob Transcending Gender Boundaries: An Introspection of Transvestism in Select Malayalam Movies 65-72 PDF
04 Reshma Sarah Easo Romeo and Juliet in Indian Flavours With Reference to Select Bollywood Movies 73-79 PDF

Indian Literature

01 Sarika Bijalwan Githa Hariharan’s The Ghost of  Vasu Master: A Tale of Silent Suffering 80-88 PDF
02 Amrit Mishra Conflicting Identities in Gora: Contemporary Possibilities of Authenticity 89-96 PDF

American Literature

01 Jonu Jose Indigenous World: A Critical Study of Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian 97-104 PDF

British Literature

01 Veronica Romanelli Parental Negligence and its Role in Shaping Frankenstein 105-113 PDF

Irish Literature

01 Dr. Manju Jha An Insight into the Structure of G.B. Shaw’s Plays 114-126 PDF


01 Sreeparna Chattopadhyay Child Workers in Select English Fiction: A Very Brief Survey 127-134 PDF


01 Dr. Na'im Ezghoul Timelessness 135-136 PDF
02 A.P.Govindankutty Buddha and the Last War of the Planet 137 PDF
03 C.Candace Jessin Graceta Blossoms Gathered 138-139 PDF
04 Iqra Khalid Nostalgia 140 PDF
05 Kajori Chattopadhyay Diamond 141 PDF
06 Kushal Poddar An Innocent God 142-144 PDF
07 D. Monika Oh! Tree 145-146 PDF
08 Niranjan Patel J The Wait 147 PDF
09 Pooja Kushwaha Correct Your Mind According to Time 148-149 PDF
10 Raphael Chukwuemeka Onyejizu Despair 150-153 PDF
11 Rimni Chakravarty In Quest of an Answer 154-155 PDF
12 Robin Ray River’s Edge 156 PDF
13 C. Rosy My Love Is My Friend and Fiend 157 PDF
14 Sandip Saha Cancerous Freedom 158-159 PDF
15 Sukarma Rani Thareja The Richest Land 160-161 PDF


01 Habib Mohana The Bulbul Catcher 162-166 PDF
02 Dr. Jayashree Hazarika Shreen- An Unsaid Truth: A Mono-Act 167-168 PDF
03 M.A. Mohamed Iqbal Hussain Communal Harmony 169-173 PDF
04 Jason Constantine Ford Illusion of Youth 174-176 PDF
05 Dr. Mitul Sarkar Home Coming 177-178 PDF
06 Vivek Nath Mishra A Strange Experience 179-184 PDF


01 Mufti Jameel Farooq And The Sun Never Rose Again by Jahangeer Majazi 185-187 PDF
02 Mohmad Aslam Najar The Time Machine by H.G.Wells 188-190 PDF


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