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01 Sarfaraz Nawaz Survival in the face of Human Predicament: Family and Fortitude in Gopinath Mohanty’s Paraja 01-09 PDF
02 Dr. Romina Rashid & Tanvir Ahmed Kausar Jan: A Victim of Conflict in Danesh Rana’s Red Maize 10-16 PDF
03 Dr. Shivkumar Bhimrao Rautrao Creativity in the Context of Existentialism and Metaphysical Concept of Sin in Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Desire in the Rocks 17-23 PDF
04 Ashly Thomas The Image of Hunger in Sharankumar Limbale’s Akkarmashi ( The Outcaste) 24-35 PDF
05 Shaikh Firoj N. Austin’s Approach to Vijay Tendulkar’s Kamala 36-43 PDF
06 Bipasha Majumder (De) Gender and Feminist Consciousness in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland 44-49 PDF
07 Soumava Maiti Mnemostory and the ‘Chutney of Memory’ in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children 50-59 PDF
08 K. Abirami, Dr. S. Barathi & Dr. E. Koperundevi Narrative Discourse in Divakaruni’s The Love of a Good Man: An Analysis 60-66 PDF
09 Ashaq Hussain Parray Re-Imagining the Man-Woman Relationship: A Feminist Appraisal of Select Poems of Naseem Shafaie 67-74 PDF
10 Chinmay Murali & Amala S. Charulatha Towards a New Linguistic Paradigm: A Study of Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things 75-82 PDF
11 Bijender Kumar Cosmopolitanism in Bharati Mukherjee’s Fiction 83-90 PDF
12 Anu A Critical Study of the Themes: Select Hindi Dalit Stories 91-97 PDF
13 Armeen  Kaur  Ahuja Studying Space and Identity through Spatial Evocations in Punjabi Folklore 98-106 PDF
14 Radhakrishnan. R Identity Crisis, Isolation and Gender Bias in Anita Desai’s Fasting Feasting 107-112 PDF
15 Dr. S. Nagammal Anita Nair’s Mistress: A Shattering Portrayal of Marriage in the Light of Tradition 113-118 PDF
16 Firdose Kouser & Mohd Saleem Emancipation and Freedom for Women: The Recurring Idea in Nayantara Sahgal’s  The Day in Shadow 119-125 PDF
17 Ranjana Nagar Defining Dalit Aesthetics 126-133 PDF
18 Dr. Shuchita Chandhok & Dr. Vinita Soni Recalcitrance in Getting Away With Murder 134-140 PDF
19 Basabi Pal Different Cultural Traits: A Study of Anand’s novel Coolie 141-147 PDF
20 Sumallya Mukhopadhyay Rereading and Restructuring the Marichjhapi Massacrein Post-Partition Historiography: Dispossession and Refugeeism in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide 148-157 PDF
21 Syed Aliza Hussain A Critical Insight into the Representation of Widows in the Novels of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee 158-164 PDF
22 Shelly Parul Bhadwal Words as Weapon: Tarabai Shinde’s Stri Purush Tulana and Gender Politics in Nineteenth Century India 165-180 PDF
23 Dr. Pooja Pandya Glimpses of Kathakali  In Anita Nair’s Mistress :  A Study 181-187 PDF
24 Vipin Pandey Philosophy of the Marginalized: The Dalits 188-193 PDF
25 Dr. Mirza Sibtain Beg The Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra: A Post Colonial Proposition 194-202 PDF
26 Mohinder Kumar Jhumpa Laihri: A Diasporic Writer with a Difference 203-209 PDF
27 Moumita Dutta Magic Meets Mundaneness: A Re-reading of Thakurmar Jhuli 210-217 PDF
28 Dr. Vinod Gupta The Delirium of Love in R. K. Narayan’s The Bachelor of Arts 218-222 PDF
29 Dr. Anuradha Nongmaithem Shri Biren’s ‘A Tangkhul Dog’: A Subaltern Perspective 223-228 PDF
30 Kamana Srivastava The Image of India in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger 229-235 PDF
31 Abina Habib Resistance and Negotiation as Coping Strategy in A. K. Ramanujan’s Poems 236-242 PDF
32 Dr. Alka Bhise & Nishigandh Satav Portrayal of Woman in Nissim Ezekiel’s Poetry 243-250 PDF
33 Maria George The Interface of Writing Fiction and Righting History in Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance 251-258 PDF
34 Dr. Shivangi Srivastava Language, History and Society: Study of Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide 259-264 PDF
35 Dr. Rajib Bhaumik Polyphonic Transnational Identity Accompanied by Lingering Trauma of Dislocations and Slippages: a Study of Bharati Mukherjee’s Fiction 265-270 PDF
36 Rajneesh Kumar Irony as a Technique in The Man-eater of Malgudi: A Russian Formalist Approach 271-279 PDF
37 Dr. Joydeep Bhattacharyya Vijay Tendulkar’s Encounter in Umbugland: A Critique of the Statist History of Progress 280-290 PDF
38 Samita Mishra Fragmented Subjectivity and Possibilities of Agency in Shruti Das’s A Daughter Speaks 291-295 PDF
39 Niharika Sharma Beyond the ‘No Exit’: Reconfiguring the Trajectory of (Hegemonic) Gendered Spaces and Strategies of Resistance in Shashi Deshpande’s In the Country of Deceit 296-303 PDF
40 Tarrne N. Kulshrestha & Dr. Shriya Goyal Feminism in the Selected Novels of Anita Desai 304-314 PDF
41 Zeba Tanveer A Refigurative Portrayal of Women in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children 315-320 PDF
42 B. Ajantha Parthasarathi Quest for Identity by Calling – Off Marital Bond (Attitude of Karuna in Shobha De’s Socialite Evenings) 321-326 PDF
43 Santanu Basu Hayavadana as Syncretic Theatre 327-334 PDF
44 Subrata Ray Remapping ‘Nationalism’: Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines Re-visited 335-345 PDF
45 Jagadish Barat An Ecocritical Approach to R.K. Narayan’s The Guide 346-355 PDF
46 Dr. Chanabasappa Sidramappa Mulage Rebellious Women in Pervez 356-362 PDF
47 Apurva Singh Between Two Worlds: Women in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Arranged Marriage 363-370 PDF
48 Shahaji Mastud Reinterpretation of Myth and History to Reconstruct the Past Reality: Shashi Tharoor’s The Great Indian Novel 371-379 PDF
49 Rini Reba Mathew Food, Fashion and Survival in Padma Lakshmi’s Love, Loss and What We Ate 380-386 PDF
50 Lipsa & Prof. (Dr.) Vidushi Sharma Surpassing Feminine Anxiety: An analysis of Anita Nair’s The Better Man 387-392 PDF
51 Dr. Archana Banger Heat and Dust: Social Predicament in Colonial Situation 393-398 PDF
52 Dr. Veeresh Pujari Effects of English Language in The White Tiger by Arvind Adiga 399-404 PDF
53 Dr. Shrikant B. Sawant Relationship: A Theme Song of Jayanta Mahapatra’s Life 405-412 PDF
54 Dr. Shrikant B. Sawant Serendip: Dom Moraes’ Poetic Flight from Personal to Universal 413-420 PDF

American Literature

01 Manali Karmakar A Study of the Man-Machine Interface in Richard Powers’ Galatea2.2 421-428 PDF
02 Umara Shameen Butt The Grim Reality of Western Violence in Blood Meridian or The Evening Redness in the West 429-437 PDF
03 Rohini & Dr. Zameerpal Kaur Exploring the Ecocritical Concerns in the Selected Short Fiction of Rick Bass 438-448 PDF
04 R. Murugan & Dr. M. Madhavan Women Empowerment: A Study of Two Women Characters in Clifford Odets’ Rocket to the Moon 449-454 PDF
05 Dr. M. Alagesan The Depiction of Soaphead Church’s character in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye – A Paradox 455-460 PDF
06 Dr. R. S. Regin Silvest Woman in an Immigrant World in Katherine Vaz’s Saudade 461-467 PDF
07 D. Sundaramoorthy & Dr. SP. Shanthi Dark Satire in William Dean Howells’ The Shadow of a Dream 468-474 PDF
08 Sherajinder Kaur The Picture of Patriarchy, Desire for Money and a Voice against Feudalism in Desire Under The Elms 475-482 PDF
09 Kabita Mondal Voicing the Unvoiced: With Reference to Gwendolyn Brooks’s Poems “The Sonnet-Ballad”, “The Bean Eaters” and “Strong Men, Riding Horses” 483-490 PDF
10 Dr. Jhilam Chattaraj A Housewife’s Desperation: Reading April Wheeler in Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road 491-496 PDF
11 Dr. Kusumita Mukherjee Politics of Selfhood and Magic Realism in Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and God Help the Child 497-504 PDF
12 Tialila Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye: An Ecofeminist Discourse 505-512 PDF
13 Suniti Madaan Negotiating and Renegotiating Popular Culture through Comics: The “Art” of Comic Reading explored through Analytical Reading of Calvin and Hobbes 513-530 PDF
14 Ujala Shamnani Where Does Divinity Lie? A Critical Re-reading of the Poem “Sunday Morning” by Wallace Stevens 531-539 PDF
15 Aparna Singh Literature and Consciousness: An Observation of Divine Consciousness in Walt Whitman’s Poetry 540-546 PDF

British Literature

01 Dr. Shachi Sood Echo of Socio-political Tones in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s A Curse for a Nation 547-553 PDF
02 Dr. Mathew P. Joseph & Phiona Elizabeth Joshy Is this Chick Lit from the Middle East? Examining Ameera Al Hakawati’s Desperate in Dubai as Chick Lit 554-560 PDF
03 Mamta Mahendru Dehumanising Effects of Industrialisation on the Familial-Relations in D. H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers 561-569 PDF
04 Neeta B. Jadhav A Manifestation of Intellectual Women’s Predicament in Margaret Drabble’s A Summer Bird-Cage 570-575 PDF
05 Sunil N. Wathore Tragic Vision Represented in the Plays of John Osborne 576-582 PDF
06 Pamoli Nandy Biased Presentation of Racial Binary Distinction in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness 583-591 PDF
07 IshfaqYatoo Interface of Nihilism and Modernity: An Analytical View of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land and a Philosophical Antidote 592-601 PDF
08 Dr. Sangeeta Singh Shakespearean Fool: The Double Edged Carnivalesque Sword 602-612 PDF
09 Dr. Bindu Sharma Celebration of Womanhood in D.H. Lawrence’s The Rainbow 613-619 PDF
10 Maisnam Arnapal “The Life to Come”:  Desire as Subversion of Imperial Discourse in E.M. Foster’s Posthumous Fiction 620-626 PDF
11 Deeptangshu Das Sketching the Child: Gendered Narratives of Childhood in Virginia Woolf’s Fiction 627-633 PDF
12 Deepak Basumatary Texting Liminality: Reading the Nation and its Construction of Gender, Disability and Sexuality in the Major Works of Firdaus Kanga 634-643 PDF
13 Seshirekha R. Maknikar Gender Inequality in Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook 644-651 PDF

English Language and Linguistics

01 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Mohd Arif Hussain Bhat, Gazi Tareq Muzamil & Dr. Renu Jha Application of Smart Boards for Sanitization of English Pronunciation of 10th Class Students 652-658 PDF
02 Sashi Kala Govindarajulu, Dr. B. Krishnamurthy & Dr. E. Koperundevi Applying Non-Verbal Implicature in Short Stories to Improve Communication Skills 659-669 PDF
03 B. Velangini Kumari Measuring and Increasing Reading Speed and Comprehension in UG Students 670-680 PDF
04 Farheen Anjum Effectiveness of Teacher Training Programs for the Secondary School English Teachers at Aligarh Muslim University: A Critical Analysis 681-687 PDF
05 Dr. Somapalyam Omprakash, G. Govindaiah & Dr. Syed Mohammed Haseebuddin Quadri Foreign Language Teaching and Learner’s Independence 688-693 PDF
06 Dr. Archana Kumari Pronunciation as a Prerequisite for Linguistic Competence with Special Reference to English 694-706 PDF
07 Dr. Sukanya Saha Stylistic Interpretation of Poetry from Famous Women Poets across the World 707-719 PDF
08 Dr. Jayashri B.Aher Translation as a Stylistic Equivalence: Relief to Whorfian Crisis of Linguistic Relativity 720-729 PDF
09 Veerababu Modhala A Comparative study of Syntactic and Semantic Aspectual Character Verbs of Motion in Telugu and English 730-746 PDF

Cultural Studies

01 Kunnathil Muhammed Aslam Research in Humanities: Objectivity, Reliability and Durability of Knowledge 747-753 PDF
02 Guruprasad Mohapatra & Swati Samantaray Jagannath Consciousness: An Emerging Global Spiritual Quest Dealing with Basudhaiva Kutumbakam 754-761 PDF
03 Dipasree Roy Communalism and Culture: A Reflective Study in the Light of Partition Literature 762-767 PDF
04 Sheeba K. Spirit of 9/11: Philosophy in the Wake of Terrorism 768-774 PDF
05 Dr. Anupriya Singh Is the Novel Bhimayana a Step Towards Redefining Identity: A Study in the light of Existentialism in the Cultural Context of Post Revolutionary Mexico 775-783 PDF
06 Arshad Said Khan Hijra Autobiographies and the Failure of the Anthropological Interpretative Model 784-794 PDF
07 Arpita Raj Situating Vladimir Propp in the Structural Analysis of Indian Folktale: A Study 795-803 PDF
08 Bidisha Kantha The Deviant Gotipua: Subversion of ‘Gaze’ in Performance 804-811 PDF

Comparative Literature 

01 S.Karunya The Silence of the Silenced: A Comparative Study of Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable, Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai’s Toottiyin Makan, Andal Priyadharshini’s Kazhivu and Malarvathi’s Thoopukaari 812-821 PDF
02 Neha Raghav Feminist Rewriting of King Lear and Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres: A Comparative Study 822-828 PDF
03 Saumyadeep Bhattacharya Cultural Conflict and Identity Crisis in Select Postcolonial British-‘Asian’ Fiction 829-837 PDF
04 Priyanka Chakraborty Alternative Tibetan Voices: A Comparative Study of the Narratives of Alai and Dhompa 838-847 PDF
05 Md. Abdul Wahab Crime and Confession: Overcoming Trauma in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and Rahimi’s A Curse on Dostoevsky 848-858 PDF
06 Cijo Joy Commerce and Liberty: Responses to the Slave Trade by Defoe and Swift 859-869 PDF

Critical Theories

01 M. John Britto The Vital Agency of Poetic Images: A Study with Reference to Wallace Stevens’ “The Motive for Metaphor” 870-880 PDF
02 Dr. Mangesh M Gore Implications of Reader- Response Theory 881-888 PDF
03 Bilal Ahmad Dar Exorcising the Fear of Theoretical and Conceptual Opacity: An Illustrative and Definitive Approach to Deconstruction 889-895 PDF
04 Dr. Narinder K. Sharma Problematics of Hostland (Routes) and Homeland (Roots): Interrogating the Diasporic Space 896-906 PDF
05 Srishti & Dr. Narinder K. Sharma Gender Dynamics: Struggle of Women in the Black Panther Party 907-916 PDF
06 Mariyam Ilyas Siddiqui Interactive Theatre: Participation of Audiences and Their Role in Enhancing a Performance 917-924 PDF

Film and Literature

01 Runoo Ravi The Role of the Mother in her Child’s Life:  First Teacher-Lifelong Guide- Loving Advisor!!!! A Study through Select Hindi Films 925-934 PDF
02 Victor Mukherjee Gender Performativity and the Politics of Female Representation in Satyajit Ray’s Mahanagar: A Study 935-943 PDF
03 Rahul Chakrabarti ‘Children of the Night’: An Ecofeminist Evaluation of the Scary 944-958 PDF
04 Reeba Sara Koshy Challenging Racial Supremacy: Decoding the Racial Prejudice in the Harry Potter Series 959-968 PDF
05 Chithra P. S. The Public/Private Dichotomy: The Representation of Women’s Identity in Malayalam Cinema of the 1980’s 969-976 PDF

African Literature

01 Dr. Rita Mishra Redefining Womanhood in the African Context with Reference to the Writings of Buchi Emecheta 977-987 PDF
02 Dr. Asha S. Contending Patriarchy, Confronting Civilization: The Mother as the Doughty Rebel in Driss Chraibi’s Mother Comes of Age 988-993 PDF
03 Arlene Daimari Representation of Women’s Education in Buchi Emecheta’s The Bride Price: A Critical Study 994-1005 PDF
04 Asma Zahoor Achike Household as a Microcosm of Colonial Bearing- A Study of Eugene as a colonizer in Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus 1006-1012 PDF
05 Dr. Rohidas Nitonde Representation of Nigerian History and Diaspora in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Short Stories 1013-1017 PDF

Irish Literature

01 Roghayeh Farsi A Semiotic and Interpretative Analysis of Joyce’s “Araby” 1018-1030 PDF
02 Dr. Satya Paul Countering the Onslaught of Existential Pain: A Study of Samuel Beckett’s Play Krapp’s Last Tape 1031-1038 PDF

Pakistani Literature

01 Harisree H G Female Bodies As ‘Symbols’ of Nation: A Reading of Bapsi Sidhwa’s Cracking India 1039-1045 PDF
02 Irfan Mohammad Malik Debunking the Dominant Narrative: A Study of Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2007) 1046-1051 PDF

Canadian Literature

01 Chandramani Environmental Re-Imagination in Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing 1052-1059 PDF

French Literature

01 Alex E.R. & Dr. P. Indu Atiq Rahimi’s The Patience Stone: A Confession of a Hecatomb to a Comatose Husband 1060-1066 PDF

Italian Literature

01 Saptaparna Saha Reframing the Cosmopolitan Ideal into a World of Refugee Crises: A Close Reading of Fabio Geda’s In the Sea there are Crocodiles 1067-1076 PDF

Russian Literature

01 N. Vani Sri & Prof. Rajeshwari C. Patel Subtext in the Texts of Turgenev and Chekhov 1077-1085 PDF

Greek Literature

01 Ashaq Hussain Parray Thinking beyond the Binaries of Good and Evil: Reading Zorba the Greek from a Mystic Perspective 1086-1091 PDF


01 Abhijit Sarkar Violence against Women: Types and Responsible Factors 1092-1098 PDF
02 Arshid Hamid G.R. Malik’s Appropriation of Iqbal and the English Romantics: An Assessment 1099-1112 PDF
03 Meenakshi Nandula & Nidhi Patel Understanding the Psychology Behind Youth Communication in a Tech-
Savvy World
1113-1123 PDF
04 Dr. Ravjeet Kaur Study Habits of Science and Commerce Students in Relation to their Family Environment 1124-1133 PDF
05 Asif Ahmad Bhat Objective Analysis of Education in Kashmir: A Historical Perspective 1134-1140 PDF
06 B.K. Bhosale Savitribai Phule: a Crusader of Downtrodden 1141-1146 PDF
07 Jahirul Haque History of Literature in the Princely State of Cooch Behar 1147-1158 PDF
08 Vishal Baloria From Raja to Maharaja: The Making of Modern Jammu and Kashmir State by Gulab Singh 1159-1165 PDF
09 Manzar Imam India-Afghanistan Relations: Prospects and Challenges 1166-1173 PDF
10 Mansi Handa Ethical Obligations to Non-Human Life in Climate Change Issue 1174-1181 PDF
11 Mohd Azharuddin The State of Education in Mewat District, Haryana (India)
An Analytical Study
1182-1192 PDF
12 Lad Neeta N. Quality of Work Life and Mental Health: As a Predictor of
Occupational Stress
1193-1204 PDF
13 Ashaduzzaman Khan Religionization of Indian Philosophy: A Post-Secular Study of Indian Society, Culture, and Religion 1205-1211 PDF


Sr. No. Name of the Poet Title of the Poem Link
01 Balkaran Singh Sidhu Untitled Full Text
02 Bishakha Mandal Reading Jack and Jill Full Text
03 Chandan Das Untitled – III Full Text
04 Diksha  B  Kadam Asphyxia Full Text
05 Divya John Are there Takers? Full Text
06 George K. Karos Cosmic Times Full Text
07 Imwapangla Imsong Rude Stitches Full Text
08 Ismail Aashna The Blue Spot Full Text
09 Fareeha Khan Life in Death Full Text
10 Michela Zanarella The light’s breath Full Text
11 Mithlesh Kumar Chaudhari The Great Lickspittle Full Text
12 Master Mudasir Ahmad Thoker Song to legendary heroes Full Text
13 Ms. Neelam Dadhwal Native Land Full Text
14 Akinkurolere Susan Olajoke Waking on an Ocean Full Text
15 Poorva Trikha THE DECLINE Full Text
16 R. Prabhakar Democracy at Stake Full Text
17 Qaisar Bashir Bullet Full Text
18 Rebecca Lyle Gone Full Text
19 Reza Babagolzadeh Unanswered questions Full Text
20 Richa Srishti An orphaned mom Full Text
21 Ripon Handique Street Full Text
22 Ruchi Nagpal Fear is it? Full Text
23 Sandeep Kumar Mishra The After Effect Full Text
24 Sandeep T. G. Protest Full Text
25 Sangeeta Mahesh Haikus Full Text
26 Sanjib Kumar Baishya Definition Full Text
27 Sayan Mukherjee The Third Space Full Text
28 Sheeba Parveen Life Full Text
29 Shridhara C. R. Poem-2 Full Text
30 Smrutisikta Mishra An Emotional Purgation… Full Text
31 Sougata Chatterjee Side Line Full Text
32 Srinivas S Seven lights Full Text
33 Ms. Swethal Ramchandran Musings on a Juncture! Full Text
34 Tania Dey The sculptor Full Text
35 Varsha Kalyani Hairy Beauty Full Text
36 Vidya Premkumar Between the Words Full Text
37 Vrisen Kumar Singh Childhood (Regained) Full Text

Short Fiction

Sr. No. Name of the Author Title of the Story Link
01 Gazala Gayas Metamorphosis Full Text
02 ilhem issaoui Promises to Keep Full Text
03 Lara Biyuts Red Wraith Full Text
04 Monica Tanwar Challenge Accepted Full Text

Book Reviews

Sr. No. Name of the Reviewer Name of the Book Link
01 Anakha Ajith The Nuer Full Text
02 Manzar Imam A Feast of Vultures: The Hidden Business of Democracy in India Full Text
03 Muhammed P Language, Emotion, and Politics in South India Full Text
04 Roshna Devi Indo- Bhutan Relations: Political process, Conflict and Crisis Full Text
05 Sujan Mondal Orientalism in English Literature: Perception of Islam and Muslims Full Text
06 Susri Bhattacharya Lakshmi Unbound Full Text

Author Interviews

Sr. No. Name of Interviewer Title of Interview Link
01 Goutam Karmakar Goutam Karmakar In Conversation With Adil Jussawalla Full Text
02 Shweta Tiwari Identity, Assertion and Beyond: A Talk with Mamta Kalia Full Text



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