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Indian Literature

01 Shweta Pandey Himalayan Panorama: The Nature’s Treasure and the Dreamland of Ruskin Bond 01-10 PDF
02 Partha Sarathi Mandal Trying to Re-examine Mahesh Dattani as a Whistleblower to Gender Stereotype and Peripheralization of Marginalized Voices in His Selected Plays 11-22 PDF
03 Nidhi Angurala Postcolonial Eco-Discourse in Amitav Ghosh’s Gun Island and The Great Derangement 23-33 PDF
04 Dave Rajan Krushnakant Balram: From Servitude to Salvation in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger 34-42 PDF
05 Mandeep Singh Domestic Violence, Incest, Trauma, Alienation, Guilt and Redemption: A Thematic Study of Raj Kamal Jha’s The Blue Bedspread 43-52 PDF
06 Mariyam Khatun The Predominant sense of Colonization in the Construction of “Bharat- Mata”: The Mother Image in Post-Colonial Indian Politics 53-60 PDF
07 Farhana Yeasmin & Suvangkar Mondal Jibanananda Das’s “Banalata Sen”: An Utter Mystery 61-71 PDF
08 Subhash K. Shinde Khushwant Singh’s Craft of Column Writing 72-80 PDF
09 Riyanka Chatterjee “Social Brainology”: A Psychoanalytic Execution to Explore the Issue of Identity in Durjoy Datta’s Wish I Could Tell You 81-95 PDF
10 G. Jeyalakshmi Religious Otherness in Dattani’s Final Solutions 96-104 PDF
11 Y. Jaya A Critical Reading of Bama’s Karukku in a Postmodern Perspective 105-113 PDF
12 Dr.  Swatti  Dhanwni Reading Swadeshi Movement in Tagore’s The Home and the World 114-120 PDF
13 Dr. Shashi Nath Pandey Fire on the Mountain: Cultural Ambivalence 121-131 PDF
14 Dr. Shraddha  Ashapure The English Teacher’s Quest to be a Spiritual Student 132-140 PDF
15 Dr. Sunil Gomaji Chaudhari Narrative Technique and Style in Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone – What not to do at IIT 141-147 PDF
16 Raj Kumar Baral Dismantling the Boundary between History and Fiction in Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses 148-158 PDF
17 Dr. R. Prabhakar Need of Dissemination of Dalit Pain in English 159-165 PDF
18 Dr. M. L. Somwanshi Thematic Concerns in Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance 166-173 PDF
19 Sawraj Kamala Das’s Writing Style: An Emphasis on Dramatic Framework and Skillful Use of Imagery 174-184 PDF

Film & Literature

01  Sanghmitra Rathore The Legends of Rajasthan in Indian Cinema 185-192 PDF
02 Sakshi Yadav Drawing Parallels: Bollywood and the Great Indian Epics 193-199 PDF
03 Palak Arora & Manshi Maleficent as an Ecofeminist Protagonist: A Holistic Vision 200-213 PDF
04 Abhirami S Nair Teachers are the Windows to Knowledge: An Analysis of Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 214-222 PDF

British Literature

01 Sanjna Plawat “Male Gaze” Foreshadowing Fourth-Wave Feminism in La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats 223-231 PDF
02 Dr. K. Nagamani The Ingenuity of Children’s Literature in the Digitized Era: A Study of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series 232-244 PDF

American Literature

01 Mousam Reinterpretation of History: Representation of Jesse James, an American Outlaw in Popular Literature 245-257 PDF

African Literature

01 Megha Balaso Mali & Dr. Pradnya Vijay Ghorpade Loss of Identity in Peter Abrahams’ Mine Boy 258-264 PDF

Comparative Literature

01 Abhijit Seal War Literature: The Psyche of the Soldier and Re-integration into Society in All Quiet on the Western Front and Johnny got his Gun 265-273 PDF

Critical Theory

01 Honey Joseph A. Communicative Analysis of the Malayalam Translation of Shakespearean Dark Comedies using Gutt’s Relevance Theory 274-284 PDF


01 Dr. Akshata Amitkumar Gawade Occupational Status of Differently abled Persons in Karveer Taluka 285-297 PDF
02 Meenakshi Thakur Role Conflict: A Sociological Analysis 298-305 PDF

Language & Linguistics

01 M M Sohil English, Metalinguistic Issues: A Study of Rural Primary Schools 374-383



01 Amuthan J Covid’19 306-307 PDF
02 Dr. Ankita Gupta Lather of Love 308 PDF
03 Raj Kumar Baral  Time Tree 309 PDF
04 Mushtaque Barq  If at all 310-311 PDF
05 Gregg Dotoli The Day it Rolled Downhill 312 PDF
06 John Grey Real Life, Outside Please 313 PDF
07 Pooja Kushwaha Believe You are Great 314-315 PDF
08 Pushkar Bisht Here Lies a Poet Dead 316 PDF
09 C. Rosy Not Always a Peacekeeper Be 317-318 PDF
10 Qureshi Sabha Jabeen Poems 319-324 PDF
11 Sanjna Plawat Seeds 325-326 PDF
12 B.H.S. Thimmappa Clutches of Current Corona Cactus 327-328 PDF
13  Tishya Majumder Captivity 329-330 PDF


01  Pooja Kushwaha Corona 331-334 PDF
02 Pat Hanratty  The Lottery Winner 335-362 PDF



Dr. Abhishek Kosta

Thappad: A Slap to Patriarchy (A Film Review) 363-368 PDF
02 Prajakta Simon From Stage to Page by Peter James Harris 369-373 PDF

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