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Indian Literature

01 Kamalesh Kumar Mourya Woman and New Woman in Mahesh Dattani’s Plays Tara and Where There’s Will 01-10 PDF
02 Dr. Reena Verma Diction: The Soul of a Literary Composition 11-18 PDF
03 Dr. Kafeel Ahmed Choudhury Decoding the Misunderstanding: A Critique of Rajmohan Gandhi’s Understanding the Founding Fathers 19-31 PDF
04 Dr. N. K. Sharma Silences in the Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra 32-47 PDF
05 Dr. Mamta Gupta Globalization, Identity and Chetan Bhagat’s One Night @the Call Center 48-57 PDF
06 Hemlata Husband-Wife Relationship: Studying Ramcharitmanas in Translation 58-65 PDF
07 Shobha Bajirao Patil & Dr. P. R. Shewale Depiction of Indian Freedom Movement in Chaman Nahal’s Historical Novels 66-75 PDF
08 Ramdas Ahirwar Tamas: The Portrayal of Sufferings, Homelessness and Loss of Identity of the Sikhs during the Partition of India, 1947 76-85 PDF
09 Sini K S  Image Bite Politics to Camouflage Perfidiousness: Demythifying Karna 86-94 PDF
10 Dr. A.R. Uma Ramamoorthy  “Being” to “Becoming” in Vidya’s I am Vidya: A Transgender’s Journey 95-103 PDF
11 Dr. Ganpatrao Baburao Patil The Protest of Marginalized Women in Anurag Mathur’s The Department of Denials 104-110 PDF
12 Soumen Jana Third Theatre and Theatrical Novelty in Sircar’s Spartacus 111-119 PDF
13 Dr. Madhavi Solankurkar Chaman Nahal’s Azadi: A Saga of the Crazy Fallacy of Two-Nation Theory and Holocaust of Communal Frenzy 120-130 PDF
14  Himani Kapoor Cosmopolitanism V/s Patriotism: A View on Martha Nussbaum’s Critical Perspective(s) on Tagore’s Ghare Baire 131-139 PDF

British Literature

01 Sruthi. K “People Should Beware of Politicians as Well as Media”: An Analysis through George Orwell’s 1984 140-148 PDF
02 Dr. V. Madhukumar Ted Hughes’s Poetry: A ‘Mantric’ Chant 149-164 PDF
03 Ajda Bastan The Elizabethan Era and Shakespeare’s Women Characters in the Public Arena 165-174 PDF
04 Dr. Kübra BAYSAL Gendered Suffering: Mrs Henry Wood’s East Lynne as a Melodrama of the Nineteenth Century 175-186 PDF

Language & Linguistics

01 Dr. Gunmeet Kaur Ahluwalia National Policy on Education: Proficiency in Three Languages 187-197 PDF
02 Dr. Ekta Sawhney Together We Stand 198-205 PDF
03 Dr. Indu Goyal Role of Educational Institutions and English Literature in Imparting Value Based Education 206-214 PDF

African Literature

01 Anirban Dutta Choudhury Okonkwo’s Suicide: The Aftermath of an Existential Crisis 215-221 PDF
02 Mamadou Abdou Babou Ngom Female Agency as an Indictment of Gender-Spiked Official War Narratives in The Stone Virgins by Yvonne Vera 222-240 PDF

American Literature

01 Dr. Abhilasha Singh “Once a bitch always a bitch, What I say:” A Murderous Innocence in The Sound and the Fury 241-248 PDF

Australian Literature

01 Jane Theresa Self-Revelation through Eco-Psychological Study of Voss by Patrick White 249-256 PDF

Norwegian Literature

01 Ebru UGUREL OZDEMIR & Melih KARAKUZU The Return of the Repressed or the Uncanny in A Dollhouse 257-275 PDF

Libyan Literature

01 F. B. Thagari & Dr. A. S. Sugate Picture of Sufism Portrayed in Ahmed Fagih’s Maps of the Soul 276-286 PDF


01 Aashiq Hussain Tantary Separation: A Lyrical 287 PDF
02 Dr. Aditi Abhishikta Words of Intrepidity 288-290 PDF
03 Biddappa M. A. The Truth of Ink 291-292 PDF
04 Ekta Gupta Choose to Smile 293-294 PDF
05  Surekha Goyal The River 295-296 PDF
06 Pooja Kushwaha How to Face Difficulties 297-298 PDF
07 Sourav Sarkar A Verse of Time 299-301 PDF
08 Shana Banerji Hear Me Out 302 PDF
09 Soni Singh I Am Queer 303-305 PDF
10 Ujjal Mandal Which Country? 306-307 PDF



Farhad Ahmad Pir Tale from Hills 308-315 PDF
02 Habib Mohana The Falcon in the Sky 316-320 PDF
03 Jayanthi Papa Rao Life Betrayed 321-326 PDF
04 Radhika A The Ensuing Mirage 327-331 PDF
05 Robert Knox Alone Together 332-353


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