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Indian Literature

01 Pavithra Satheeshkumar Trauma of Stillbirth: A Study of Jhumpa Lahiri’s Short Story Temporary Matter 01-06 PDF
02 Pooja Gupta Agha Shahid Ali: The Master of Canzone 07-15 PDF
03 R.Vidyavathi Cultural  Demarcations and Its Nexus to the Exploration of Roots in Bharati Mukherjee’s Desirable Daughters 16-21 PDF
04 Shine Joseph Critical Reading of Religion in The God of Small Things 22-32 PDF
05 Dr. Maram Thirupathi Reddy Humiliation, Humanity, Caste and Religion: A Study of Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable 33-41 PDF
06 Smita R. Shettar Modernist Elements in G. V. Desani’s All about H. Hatterr  42-48 PDF
07 Dr. Monica Singh Postcolonialism in Amitav Ghosh’s Novels 49-57 PDF
08 Supriya Mandal An Analysis from the Perspectives of Postcolonial Ecocriticism of Arundhati Roy’s  The Ministry of Utmost Happiness 58-66 PDF
09 Twinkle Dasari & Dr. G. Chenna Reddy Gender Identity: Analysis of Marginalized Identity of Transgender in Manobi Bandyopadhyay’s A Gift of Goddess Lakshmi  67-73 PDF
10 Nighat Fatima A Survey of Feminism in Some Women Poets of Indian Writing in English 74-80 PDF
11 Ranjit G & Dr. Narasingaram Jayasree Major Themes in the Poems of Jayanta Mahapathra 81-87 PDF

British Literature

01 Dr. B. Lakshmikantham Memorable Anita Brookner: A Critical Analysis 88-95 PDF
02 Dr. Iesha Sharma Reflection of Georgian Society in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice 96-102 PDF
03 Rajkumar Bera Social Outlook in Keats’ World: A Study of Humanism in Keats’ Selected Letters 103-110 PDF
04 Mevlüde Zengin Configurations of the Subjects as Reflected in Mrs. Dalloway: “The Perfect Hostess” and a Shell-Shocked Veteran 111-129 PDF
05 Dr G.S. Gautam & Shah Din Malik Negative Capability:  Theory and Practice in the Poetry of John Keats 130-136 PDF
06 Dr. Ajda Bastan The Families in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth  137-146 PDF

American Literature

01 Humam Salah Sameen Analysis of George Wilson and Myrtle Wilson in The Great Gatsby: A Multi Theoretical Assessment 147-154 PDF
02 Mohammad Talib & Alka Rani Agarwal Transformation from Idealism to Disillusionment in For Whom the Bell Tolls 155-160 PDF
03 Dr. Leticia del Toro García Susan Howe and the Difficulty of Printing Art in Printing Form 161-176 PDF

African Literature

01 T.Gnanasekaran & Dr.M.Shamuna Jerrin Araselvi Readers of Wole Soyinka’s Political Drama and Theatre 177-186 PDF

Critical Theories

01 Dr. Shajar Uddin Major Issues and Challenges in Postcolonial Studies 187-193 PDF

Comparative Literature

01 Lakshmanan B Prison as Purgatory: A Study of Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis and Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience 194-201 PDF

Children Literature

01 Dr. J. Sripadmadevi ‘The Magic Spell of Fantasy’: An Exploration into the Alternate Worlds in the Enchanting Spectrum of Children’s Literature 202-211 PDF

Film & Literature

01 Arundhati Sethi Bleeding Boundaries: Mapping the Destabilization of Territorial Regimes in Anup Singh’s Partition Film-Qissa: A Tale of a Lonely Ghost 212-222 PDF

German Literature

01 Neha Sharma Contextualising Immanuel Kant’s Views on Enlightenment in Bertolt Brecht’s Life of Galileo 223-230 PDF

Language & Linguistics

01 Dewmol George Semiotic rendition of Emoticons, Emoji and Smileys in the Present Whasapp and Social Networking Scenario 231-238 PDF


01 Vidya S Growing Number of Sexual Violence against Women in Kerala 239-245 PDF
02 S Manoj Comic Books: Origin, Evolution and Its Reach 246-254 PDF
03 Dr. Sona Agrawal Centre Vs. Periphery: The Flux of Identity and the Tribal World 255-262 PDF


01 Aaron C. Harris The Great Listener 263-264 PDF
02 S. Anita Evelyn Another Day of My Life 265 PDF
03 Ann Christine Tabaka And the Rains Came 266-267 PDF
04 Bob MacKenzie In Saffron 268 PDF
05 R.J. Davey I had not the Tools nor the Skill 269 PDF
06 Erik Korhel Loot the Heart 270 PDF
07 Dr.Gazala Gayas Garden of Love 271 PDF
08 Gayathri Varma U An Introspection 272-273 PDF
09 Isis Zystrid Quickening Pulse 274-277 PDF
10 Jagari Mukherjee Window 278 PDF
11 Jake Cosmos Aller Love Conquers Hate 279-280 PDF
12 Krishna Kumar Yogi Being an Ideal Teacher: What I should DO and BE 281-283 PDF
13 Laura Solomon Animal Instinct 284-285 PDF
14 Malik Shipra Parents 286-287 PDF
15 Neelam Dadhwal Forever 288-289 PDF
16 Priyanka Sinha View from my Roof Top 290 PDF
17 Qaisar Bashir Since Decades 291 PDF
18 Renee’ Drummond-Brown Titanic 292-293 PDF
19 Dr. Roopesh Chaturvedi On Eliminating the Side Effects of Religion 294-295 PDF
20 Samarendranath Mahapatra Life 296 PDF
21 Sudipta Mandal Ulysses at Ithaca 297-299 PDF
22 Ted Badasci My Prodigal Words 300-301 PDF
23 Vandita Dharni True Love 302-303 PDF
24 Xia Fang Drill Sings 304 PDF
25 Dr. Yagnesh Naranbhai Dhoriya Hypocrisy Thy Name is Man 305-306 PDF


01 Aswathi Prasanth He Defines Parenthood 307-309 PDF
02 Dr. Gazala Gayas Fear 310-313 PDF
03 Lauren McGregor 100 Chances to Leave Brian
Love Always Has Consequences
314-327 PDF
04 Liliane Maria Yvette The Black Butterfly 328-330 PDF
05 Mahendra Waghela Glimpses. Snippets. Information. Triggers 331-335 PDF
06 Dr. Manoranjan Mishra Crocodile Tears 336-344 PDF
07 Waheed Mohiuddin Noble Stones 345-348 PDF

B O O K   R E V I E W

01 Ashish Negi No Presents Please: Mumbai Stories by Jayant Kaikini and Tejaswini Niranjana 349-351 PDF
02 R.K.Bhushan Bird in the Sky by Basavaraj Naikar 352-354 PDF
03 Chandrasekharaiah Bird In the Sky, by Basavaraj Naikar 355-357 PDF
04 Javeed Ahmad Rather And The Sun Never Rose Again by Jahangeer Majazi 358-360 PDF
05 Syed Ishfaq Fazili … And the Silence Whispered by Wani Nazir 361-364 PDF
06 M. S. Wankhade Fall of Kalyana by M. M. Kalburgi Translated by Basavaraj Naikar. 365-374 PDF



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