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                                                                                                  June 2014



Sr.No. Author Title of the Paper Pg.No. PDF
01 Amita Rawlley Teaching English in Rural Colleges of Punjab: Theory and Practice 1-6 PDF
02 Amrita Bhattacharyya Challenges against ‘Materiality’ of ‘Sex’ and ‘Gender’ in Githa Hariharan’s Art of Dying 7-13 PDF
03 Anamika Gupta Diaspora Consciousness in Manju Kapur’s The Immigrant 14-18 PDF
04 S. Anitha Suffering as Realization in the Selected Novels of Patrick White 19-34 PDF
05 Anju Chhetri Triumph and Integrity of Black Family Life in J. California Cooper’s Family 35-42 PDF
06 S.A.Thameemul Ansari Re-interrogating the Theme of Identity in Afro-American Literature 43-49 PDF
07 Dr. Anshu Pandey Apartheid in Athol Fugard’s Master Harold…and the Boys 50-56 PDF
08 Anupama L. Quest for Self in Kamala Das’s My Story 57-64 PDF
09 Dr. Shymasree Basu The Hunger Games: The Recipe for a Bestseller 65-67 PDF
10 Longjam Bedana & Dr. Sangeeta Laishram Reflection of African Marriage and Culture of Bride Price in Buchi Emecheta’s The Bride Price 68-74 PDF
11 Bipasha Majumder (De) Ecocritical Exploration of Anita Desai’s The Artist of Disappearance 75-79 PDF
12 Dr. Shruti Das & Bishnu Paramguru Mahapatra Acquisition of Effective Speaking Skill for the Second Language Learners of English: Issues and Challenges 80-85 PDF
13 Dipak Shivaji Jamdhade The Subaltern Writings in India: An Overview of Dalit Literature 86-89 PDF
14 Dipika Rani Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man: A Novel of Social Protest and Hope 90-93 PDF
15 Gunjan Priya Importance of Afghanistan in Inner Asian Geopolitics 94-100 PDF
16 Mohmad Rafiq Guroo English Borrowings in the Kashmiri Language: Its Implications 101-106 PDF
17 Hafis Pandikasala The (Liberal Secular) “Outsider”, The Muslim Women’s Headscarf, and the Islamic Other: A Critical Reading of Orhan Pamuk’s Snow 107-118 PDF
18 Kalyanee Rajan Fictionalized Biography of Indira Gandhi: A Close Study of Aandhi (1975) 119-125 PDF
19 Karolina Napierała The Verbal Strategies in the Obama- McCain Debates 126-137 PDF
20 Madhulina Choudhury Feminist Reading of Mahesh Dattani’s Tara 138-147 PDF
21 Manjushree M. Making a Mark: An Exploration of Young Adult fiction in No Guns at my Son’s Funeral 148-156 PDF
22 Mary Kavitha Viju The Study of Motivational Factors Affecting Teaching-Learning of English as Foreign Language 157-163 PDF
23 Dr. Monika Anand & Dr. Shibani Banerjee The Desire for Independence and Self-Affirmation in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters 164-169 PDF
24 Mrinal Sarkar Power and its Perversion in Mahesh 170-173 PDF
25 Dr. Chitrathrivikraman Nair Poetics of Belonging: An Ecocritical Reading of Kavery Nambisan’s The Scent of Pepper 174-177 PDF
26 Umesh Kumar & Nilekha Salunke The Discourse of Devadasi Subject in Literary Vernacular: Contextualizing Resistance in Uttam Bandu Tupe’s Zulwa 178-188 PDF
27 Payal Dan The Polemics of Identity and Crisis: Rabindranath Tagore’s Ideas of Civilisation and Modernism 189-195 PDF
28 Dr. Pradnya V. Ghorpade Narrative Strategy in Nadine Gordimer’s The Conservationist 196-198 PDF
29 Dr. Prakash Bhadury Ontological Quest in the Fictional World of William Golding 199-203 PDF
30 Preethamol MK The Culturally Marginalized in Manju Kapur's A Married Woman 204-207 PDF
31 Rafiul Islam Shazu Exotic Setting and its Relevance in Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Twelfth Night 208-214 PDF
32 Dr. Rajani Sharma A Mythic and Symbolic Study of Raja Rao’s The Serpent and the Rope 215-220 PDF
33 Ramnath Kesarwani Assertion of the Self: An Analysis of Taslima Nasrin’s French Lover 221-228 PDF
34 Dr. Vinita Singh Chawdhry & R. Renuka Narasiman Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger: Injustice and Poverty in the Present Scenario 229-235 PDF
35 Dr. Ritambhara The Republic in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar 236-238 PDF
36 Roomiya Manzoor & Dr. Vinita Singh Chawdhry Tara, a Commentary upon Male Self and Female Self 239-242 PDF
37 Rozy Gupta Focalization: A Study of Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide 243-247 PDF
38 Dr. Ruby Rani Aldous Huxley’s Persepective on Science 248-250 PDF
39 Santanu Basu Bilingualism, Translation and Girish Karnad’s Theatre 251-257 PDF
40 Santosh Prasad Metro Generation from Chetan Bhagat's Perspective 258-262 PDF
41 Saswata Kusari ‘What a man! Is he a man?’ Reframing Srikanta’s Masculinity 263-271 PDF
42 Sejal Mahendru The Child’s Body and the Novelistic Subject in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass 272-279 PDF
43 A.Senthilvel & Dr.B.R.Veeramani Portrayal of Heroes in the Selected Novels of Saul Bellow 280-285 PDF
44 Dr. Shashi Yadav Thematic Structure and Techniques in Mulk Raj Anand’s Novels 286-290 PDF
45 Soumya Mukherjee Barbie: A Study of Spaces of Consumption in the Global Village 291-294 PDF
46 Y. Sreenivasulu A Critical Perspective on the Business English Curriculum for Management Students in Professional Colleges of A.P 295-301 PDF
47 Mehvish Syed American Drama and the Theatre of the Absurd 302-310 PDF
48 Dr.Tanweer Jehan Method in Madness: Technique in Saul Bellow’s Herzog 311-316 PDF
49 Tulika Kakkar Women as Comic Art Icons: Mapping Goddesses, Deities and Queens through the Narratives of Amar Chitra Katha 317-323 PDF
50 Upama Behera Learning Context vis-a-vis Communicative Competence: A Bird’s Eye View on the ELT of Odisha 324-330 PDF
51 Dr. Vipin Kumar Sharma Teaching of ESL through Literature 331-334 PDF
52 Dr. Vishwanath Khali Puritanism, T. S. Eliot and his Plays 335-340 PDF
53 Bilquees Rasool War Bird Imagery in Anita Desai’s Village by the Sea 341-346 PDF
01 Arnab Chatterjee Voices 347 PDF
02 Charles Bane Untitled 348 PDF
03 Bhuwan Thapaliya Death of Handwriting 349 PDF
04 Titas Bose Dear and So On.. 350 PDF
05 Bupinder Singh Flying to Byzantium 351 PDF
06 Debasmita Ganguly Tower of Babel Tonight 352 PDF
07 Gnanasekaran Dear Derrida 353-357 PDF
08 Jeremy Gadd Academic Skills 358 PDF
09 Mike Williams The Stigma 359-360 PDF
10 Mrinal Kanti Ghosh Elixir 361-362 PDF
11 Naresh Annem Butterflies 363-364 PDF
12 Pankajam The Finale 365 PDF
13 Parminder Singh Five Elements 366 PDF
14 Sunaina Jain Memories 367 PDF
15 Titiksha Singhal Falling 368-369 PDF
01 Hari Har Jnawali A Letter from Afar 370-374 PDF
02 Naveen Kumar Kottidi Portrait of a Grandmother 375-380 PDF
03 Ramil Jayson L. Soriano Memories Are Forever 381-393 PDF
04 Sreelekha Chatterjee The Thirty-fifth Birthday 394-398 PDF
Book Review
01 Abu Sufian Minaret by Leila Aboulela 399-401 PDF
02 Dr. Pratap Kumar Dash Multilingual Theory and Practice in Applied Linguistics by Alasdair N. Archibald 402-407 PDF
03 Waseem Majid Deluges: A Collection of Poems by Varsha Singh 408- 409 PDF
04 Mukesh Yadav Till the end of Her Subsistence (An Anthology of Poems) by Dr. Shalini Yadav 410-414 PDF
05 Sanjeev Gandhi Ted Hughes: An Ecocritical Study by Pawan Kumar Sharma 415-417 PDF
06 N. Subhadra Chari Autumn Leaves – Kashmiri Reminiscences by Ram Nath Kak 418-420 PDF
01 Aparna Mukhedkar An Interview with Donna Baier Stein 421-424 PDF
02 Dr. Sunita Bhola An Interview with Ruskin Bond 425-429 PDF
03 Neelam Chandra An Interview with Shamlal Puri 430-436 PDF







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