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Sr. No. Name of the Author Title of the Paper Fulltext PDF 

Indian English Literature

01 Cruz L. Bonilla Iswaran’s Crystal Dream of Education and A Storyteller and Under the Banyan Tree: R. K. Narayan’s Two Short Stories Fulltext PDF
02 Dr. Madhuri Sood Gandhian Values in Colonial and Post Colonial Indian English Literature Fulltext PDF

Avijit Pramanik

A Friendship Destined to be Doomed: A Critical Study of Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana

Fulltext PDF
04 Dipankar Parui Rohinton Mistry’s Family Matters: A Journey towards Thematic Exploration Fulltext PDF
05 Kanika Agarwal The Dynamics of Psyche in Bharati Mukherjee’s Wife Fulltext PDF
06 Kavita Arun Joshi’s The Apprentice: A Conflict of ‘Life’ and ‘Living’ Fulltext PDF
07 Dr. Madhu D. Singh & Dr. Sunita Bhola An Enduring Bond: The Mighty Himalayas in Ruskin Bond’s Writings Fulltext PDF

Bhuvana Ramachandran & Dr. H. Madhava Bhat

Marginalized Women in Anita Desai’s Fasting, Feasting

Fulltext PDF
09 Dr. Ab. Majeed Dar Isolation in Wilderness: A Protest against Social Norms in Anita Desai’s Fire on the Mountain Fulltext PDF
10 Dr. Manish Singh Shades of Caste and Class and the Woman in Samskara Fulltext PDF
11 Dr. Ganpatrao Baburao Patil Quest for Identity in Amit Chaudhuri’s Freedom Song Fulltext PDF
12 Dr. Gunjan Agarwal & Pooja Kaushal Social Consciousness in Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe Fulltext PDF
13 Dr. Pratibha Kalani Family Nexus as Means to Jagan’s Attainment of Samprajnata Samadhi Fulltext PDF
14 Dr. Rajib Bhaumik Bharati Mukherjee’s The Tiger’s Daughter: The Woman Protagonist’s Strange Trepidation in the Homeland Fulltext PDF
15 Raju Ta Telescoping the Past and the Present in Dattani’s Final Solutions: A Critical Discourse on the ‘Diary’ Fulltext PDF
16 Ritu Transcending Gender Confines in Shashi Deshpande’s A Matter of Time Fulltext PDF
17 Samra Saeed

Wings of Fire: Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam, The Juvenile Reconnoiter

Fulltext PDF
18 Simran Kaur Bhatia The Vision of India: Socio-Cultural Matrix Fulltext PDF
19 Sripurushotham Sekhara Rao The Theme of Man- Woman Relationship in Anita Nair’s Mistress Fulltext PDF
20 Tannu Sharma An Engagement with Modernity: The Crooked Line Fulltext PDF
21 Dr. Vinita Singh Chawdhry Dialectics of Longing and Belonging in Indian Diaspora: A Recontemplation Fulltext PDF

British Literature

22 Bhashkra Charya Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook: A Feminist Shell of the ‘Free Women’ Fulltext PDF
23 Dipika Rani Henry James’ The Portrait of A Lady: An Odyssey from Illusion to Reality Fulltext PDF
24 Hindol Palit The Conflict between Intuitive Morality and Economic Rationalization in The Mayor of Casterbridge Fulltext PDF
25 Dr. Ihsan-ur-Rahim Malik The Image of India in Shelley Fulltext PDF
26 Dr. Somveer Intersection of Enterprise Culture and Male Ethos in Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls Fulltext PDF
27 Sudesna Som ‘Our old letters, of poetry and other things’: Letters and Journals as Strategic and Thematic Ploys in A.S.Byatt’s Possession Fulltext PDF
28 Sutirtha Chakraborty Reassessing Heathcliff: A Tortured Soul/ A Vindictive Monster Fulltext PDF

Language & Linguistics

29 Ajaz Ahmad Dar Teaching English as a Second Language (SL)/Foreign Language (FL) to Children Fulltext PDF
30 Gunaprova  Gogoi Vocabulary: Active and Passive Vocabulary: Various Techniques of Teaching Vocabulary Fulltext PDF

Prativa Rani Saha  & S. Kanchana

The Effect of Using Task-Based Learning Activities in Teaching Academic Writing to Engineering Students Fulltext PDF
32 Priyanka Sen ‘New Learning’ and Missionary Fashioning of Pedagogy at Serampore in the Early Nineteenth Century Fulltext PDF
33 Dr. Rajani Sharma The Emergence of Changed Patterns in English Language with Cyber Slangs or Lingua Franca: Approaching a Perspective Fulltext PDF

American Literature

34 Amir Riahi Nouri & Zohreh Ramin The Free[d] Slaves of The March Fulltext PDF
35 Karunesh & Dr. Somveer Suppression to Self Assertion: Journey of Black Woman in Gloria Naylor’s The Women of Brewster Place Fulltext PDF
36 Dr. Milan Swaroop Sharma Freewill versus Determinism in The Old Man And The Sea Fulltext PDF
37 Dr. N. Kalaamani & M. Ravikumar An Ecofeminist Study of Alice Walker’s The Temple of My Familiar Fulltext PDF


38 Ashwin Bajaj Suicide: Power and the Body Fulltext PDF
39 Sarfaraz Nawaz Home and Away: The Dialectics of Diasporic Identity Fulltext PDF
40 Thea Shavladze The Death-Humor Paradox Fulltext PDF

Comparative Studies

41 A. David Wisdom as Elucidated in The Bible and  Bhagavad  Gita: A Brief Comparative Study Fulltext PDF
42 Irem Seklem A Comparative Study between The Catcher In The Rye and “Bloodchild” in Terms of Their Aspects of Initiation Fulltext PDF

Film & Literature

43 Janesh Kapoor The Ambivalence of Representation: Fiction and the Filmic Craft Fulltext PDF

African Literature

44 Jyoti Dahiya Magic Realism in Ben Okri’s Selected Novels Fulltext PDF

Russian Literature

45 Deeba Time as a Presence: A Study of Anton Chekhov’s Three Years Fulltext PDF

German Literature

46 Aamer Shaheen, Sadia Qamar & Kinza Sadique Construction of the Romanian Society in Herta Muller’s The Passport: A Marxist Analysis Fulltext PDF

French Literature

47 Labanya S. Unni Individual Consciousness Versus Social Identity in Sartre’s Being and Nothingness Fulltext PDF

Irish Literature

48 Dr. Ruhul Amin Mandal Seamus Heaney’s Door into the Dark Opens up Vertiginous Possibilities Fulltext PDF


01 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Anita Nair Fulltext PDF
02 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Kavery Nambisan Fulltext PDF
03 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Chitra Banerjee-Divakaruni Fulltext PDF
04 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Mahesh Dattani Fulltext PDF
05 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Utpal Datta Fulltext PDF
06 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Abhishek Majumdar Fulltext PDF
07 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Anupama Chandrasekhar Fulltext PDF
08 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Manohar Shetty Fulltext PDF
09 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with K. Satchidanandan Fulltext PDF
10 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in conversation with Arundhathi Subramaniam Fulltext PDF
11 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Neelam Chandra  Fulltext PDF
12 VIshwanath Bite The Poet as a Critic: Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Nandini Sahu Fulltext PDF
13 VIshwanath Bite Vishwanath Bite in Conversation with Vinita Agrawal Fulltext PDF


01 Vinita Agrawal Missing Person Fulltext  
02 Nandini Sahu From Dust to Dust: A Voyage Fulltext  
03 Neelam Chandra Journey of the Soul Fulltext  
04 Stephen Gill On The New Year Fulltext  
05 Craig Kurtz Anatomy of a Catastrophe Fulltext  
06  Lana Bella Upturned Hand Fulltext  
07 Abhijit Narayan Indifference Fulltext  
08 Abdullah Shaghi The Future! Fulltext  
09 Perveiz Ali Vote for Truth Fulltext  
10 Anik Banerjee A Dark Revelation Fulltext  
11 A. P. Govindankutty Birds on the Guava Tree Fulltext  
12 Jeyakirthana J. Disclosure  Fulltext  
13 Kunal Narayan Uniyal Dwarfed By Ego Fulltext  
14 Lovely Dutta Prusty Who am I? Fulltext  
15 Mrinal Kanti Ghosh My Meeting with the Duke of Ferrara Fulltext  
16 Mugdha Pandey Truth Fulltext  
17 Naveen Kumar Kottidi The Reflection Fulltext  
18 Ashok Niyogi Satyameva Jayate – Truth Alone Triumphs Fulltext  
19 Prem Kumar Ode to the Indian Crow Fulltext  
20 Shalini Yadav Survivor Fulltext  
21 Chandra Shekhar Sharma On the 30th Anniversary of Bhopal Gas Tragedy Fulltext  
22 Simmi Gurwara Is there any Newness Around? Fulltext  
23 Sreyasi Sen Gupta Mingle Fulltext  
24 Sunaina Jain The Criss-cross Lines Fulltext  


01 Frank Zahn Lost in Babyland Fulltext  
02 Jennifer Palmer Pills Fulltext  
03 Katherine Du Roses in the Dust Fulltext  
04 Sayantan Pal Chowdhury Entry and Exit Fulltext  
05 Subbaram Danda Dreams, Fears and Secrets Fulltext  
06 Vidya Panicker An Unnamed Revolution Fulltext  

B O O K    R E V I E W

01 Divya Pandey The Mother I Never Knew By Sudha Murty Fulltext  
02 Gagan Bihari Purohit Sita By Nandini Sahu Fulltext  
03 Iram Shafi Allaie The Book of Gold Leaves By Mirza Waheed Fulltext  
04 Khan Touseef Osman The Shadow Lines By Amitav Ghosh Fulltext  




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