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August 2014





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01 Md. Abu Shahid Abdullah Ethnic Othering in True Lies 1-10 PDF
02 Ajaz Ahmad Hajam English Language Learning: Exploring Cultural and Lingual Identity of Indian English Language Learners 11-14 PDF
03 Altaf Ahmad Bhat Tolerance and Resistance: Multiple Shapes of Indian Women in Desirable Daughters and Difficult Daughters 15-20 PDF
04 Amar Singh & Prof. Anita Singh (Re)Reading The Exorcist 21-23 PDF
05 Arshed Irshad A Modernistic Urge behind a Post-modern Impulse: Sam Shepard’s Buried Child 24-27 PDF
06 Dr. Asit Panda Towards an Indigenization of Theatre: Appropriation of African Myths, Rituals and Beliefs in the Plays of Wole Soyinka 28-35 PDF
07 Asma Arshi Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020: A Love Triangle, Corruption, Moral Perversion and a Journey of Self Identification 36-38 PDF
08 Prof. Shakuntala Kunwar &
Bharti Silswal
Why Adiga, Not Ghosh 39-45 PDF
09 Dr. Vandana Bhatt Search for Identity in Bharati Mukherjee’s Wife 46-49 PDF
10 Bishnu Prasad Gogoi Rediscovering Tragic Female Characters in D. H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers 50-54 PDF
11 Dr. Dhruv Shankar Catholic and Napoleonic Awakening in Graham Greene’s Brighton
55-62 PDF
12 Dr. Divya Pandey Elizabeth Bennet as the Embodiment of the New Woman in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice 63-68 PDF
13 Divya. C Attitude of Teachers towards Their Profession and Administration 69-74 PDF
14 Sagarika Dutta Traumatic History, Traumatic Memory: Fiction and its Therapeutic Value in Shonali Bose’s Amu 75-82 PDF
15 Anindita Ganguly Subdued Echoes of Violence and Terror in Dina Mehta’s Getting Away with Murder and Brides Are Not for Burning 83-88 PDF
16 Gitanjali Gogoi Countering Conrad: A Reading of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart 89-97 PDF
17 C.Govindaraj,  Dr. V. Kundavi & R.Lissy Joyce Carol Oates’ Portrayal of America as a Garden of Earthly Delights without Any Heavenly Grace 98-103 PDF
18 Hindol Palit The Seize Within: A Political Investigation of Eastern Europe with Three Productions of Hamlet 104-107 PDF
19 Iman Ghosh Imagining Bombay and London: In Search of Post-Colonial Hybrid Identity in Midnight’s Children and The Satanic Verses 108-111 PDF
20 Insha Siraj Affirming Black Womanist Self in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple 112-114 PDF
21 Kalpana Nehere & Dr. P. R. Bhabad Arun Joshi’s The Foreigner: A Feministic Analysis 115-124 PDF
22 Karthika. J Gender Politics in the Plays of Mahesh Dattani 125-129 PDF
23 Dr. J.P. Kaushik Transmogrification of Gandhian Views and Values in Contemporary Indian English Fiction 130-140 PDF
24 Nargis Khan Using Narrative Study for Affective Understanding of Text in Ruskin Bond’s The Thief 141-146 PDF
25 Ram Lalit Quest for Home and Memory: Rohinton Mistry’s Novels: A Diasporic Study 147-150 PDF
26 Madhukar Wankhede Gandhi on Untouchability and Anand's Untouchable 151-154 PDF
27 Dr. Madhuri Sood Woman Empowerment in R. K. Narayan’s Novels 155-157 PDF
28 Dr. Milan Swaroop Sharma & Dr. Ram Avtar Vats The Hero and the Hero-Worship: The Immortals of Meluha 158-161 PDF
29 Minaxi Brahma Missing North-East [Indian] Elements in Anjum Hasan’s Poetry 162-167 PDF
30 Mousim Mondal Colour of One’s Own 168-171 PDF
31 Nafisa Zargar Multiculturalism and Fractured White Identity in Hanif Kureishi’s Gabriel’s Gift 172-184 PDF
32 Nakul Berwal Marriage and Social Change: A Study of Three Plays 185-191 PDF
33 Naz Zarger The Subaltern Speaks: Short Stories by Indian Women Writers 192-200 PDF
34 Neetika Re-Representation of Mahabharata’s Draupadi in Pratibha Ray’s Yajnaseni: The Story of Draupadi 201-207 PDF
35 Dr. Rajneesh Pandey Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters: A Postmodern Feminist Urge for Autonomy 208-213 PDF
36 Dr. Bharati Patnaik Diasporic Crisis of Dual Identity in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake 214-216 PDF
37 Pooja Khali Eco-Spiritualism in Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali 217-221 PDF
38 Pracheta Bakshi Empire, Nation, Gender in Audrelorde’s Zami: A New Spelling of My Name and Maxine Hong-kingston’s The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts 222-227 PDF
39 M. Premalatha & Dr. T. Deivasigamani Image of Lesbianism in Shobha De’s Starry Nights and Strange Obsession 228-234 PDF
40 Pritam V. Pathe Mental Deformity Interpreted in Vijay Tendulkar’s Sakharam Binder 235-238 PDF
41 Rajni Dwivedi Archetypal Deconstruction in Mahasweta Devi’s Draupadi 239-245 PDF
42 Rakesh Kumar The Grave – Digger’s Scene: Hamlet’s Journey to the Dead Souls 246-250 PDF
43 Dr. Ram Avtar Vats & Rakhi Sharma Woman – Contrivance of Life Force: Arms and the Man 251-253 PDF
44 Ramesh K. G. Subverting the Metanarratives of Kemalism: Orhan Pamuk’s The White Castle as a Postmodern Narrative Revolt 254-259 PDF
45 Amit Ray Bombay and Mumbai, the City in Transition and its ‘Secret History’ through Jeet Thayil’s Narcopolis 260-264 PDF
46 Ruchi Tomar Deconstructing ‘Self’ and ‘Other’ with Reference to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness 265-269 PDF
47 Dr. Sabreen Ahmed Gender and the North East India: A Postcolonial Feminist Reading of Mitra Phukan’s The Collector’s Wife 270-275 PDF
48 Yugeshwar Sah Communal Harmony and Peace-Building through Education 276-284 PDF
49 Sandeep Kaur Ngugi’s Politics of Language: Background and Context 285-290 PDF
50 R.Sangeetha
& J.Sarah Shekkina
A Subaltern Study of The God of Small Things 291-295 PDF
51 Sapna Bhargav Putting the Puzzle Together: An Analysis of Paul Auster’s City of Glass as an Anti-Detective Novel 296-300 PDF

Sarap N.S., Mahadik R.P. & Mehta P.G.

Evaluation of UG English Language Course Materials Offered by SAUs in Maharashtra State 301-305 PDF
53 Shagufta Parween Negotiating Patriarchy, Women’s Empowerment and Fundamentalism in Manju Kapur’s A Married Woman 306-316 PDF
54 Dr. Shweta Saxena A Room of his Own: Quest for Identity vis-à-vis Female Hegemony in Naipaul’s A House for Mr. Biswas 317-319 PDF
55 Soumita Adhikary The Translation of the Subaltern Discourse to the Dominant Episteme in Mahasweta Devi’s The Book of the Hunter 320-324 PDF
56 Souvik Biswas ‘Among All the Ghosts and Memories’: Anguish and Alienation in Ingmar Bergman’s The Silence 325-331 PDF
57 Suchismita Sarkar Influence of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita’s Concept of ‘Sthitapragna’ and ‘Nishkamkarmayoga’ on Kipling’s True Man in If 332-335 PDF
58 Sujit Malick Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed: A Theatre of Marginalized People in India 336-340 PDF
59 Swati Mane Nature and Ecocriticism in Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard 341-345 PDF
60 Taniya Neogi Paule Marshall’s Brown Girl, Brownstones: A Novel of Growth beyond Brownness and Brownstones 346-352 PDF
61 Ujaan Ghosh Science, Scientism and Nazism 353-359 PDF
62 Dr. Uttam B Sonkamble Optimism in Africa with Reference to Smith’s Motswana Fiction: A Reinterpretation 360-365 PDF
63 Varshika Srivastava Feminism in Anita Desai’s Fasting Feasting 366-369 PDF
64 Vasanthi Vasireddy The Struggle for Identity in Anita Desai’s Bye-Bye Blackbird 370-372 PDF
65 Vinod Kumar Vaishya Cross-Culture and Theme of Alienation in Arun Joshi’s The Strange Case of Billy Biswas 373-378 PDF
66 Dr. Gunjun Agarwal & Monika Yadav Girish Karnad: A Critic of Religious Fundamentalism 379-383 PDF


01 Akanksha Chaudhary The Little Vibrant World 384-385 PDF
02 Babita Chakraborty Hard Reality 386 PDF
03 Ruchi Chopra Am Still Boss! 387-388 PDF
04 Deeya Bhattacharya A Sparrow’s Ordeal 389-390 PDF
05 Farah Siddiqui Near to God 391-393 PDF
06 Ishfaq Manzoor Malik Dream- A Lyrical 394 PDF
07 Juan Pablo Duboué The Father you Served 395-397 PDF
08 Karthika. J The Vision 398 PDF
09 Leena Sharma Dreams 399 PDF
10 Michael Lee Johnson Southside, Chicago Town Whore 400-401 PDF
11 Dr. Nagabhushan Moolky I am so minute…. 402 PDF
12 Mrinal Kanti Ghosh In Search of anotherWorld 403-404 PDF
13 Naresh Annem Into the Sky of Hopes 405-406 PDF
14 Raghavendra Nayak Everything for you, Hamlet 407 PDF
15 Parminder Singh Butterfly 408 PDF
16 Pretty John .P Faces 409 PDF
17 Ranjani Neriya Violated 410 PDF
18 Shijomon Kunnel Varghese Editing 411 PDF
19 Sunaina Jain Silence 412-413 PDF
20 Zev Torres After Ripping off the Wrapping Paper 414 PDF


01 Frank Zahn Mother Finally Made It 415-417 PDF
02 Jamie Spears Old Henry  418 PDF
03 Jason Constantine Ford A New Day In A New Year 419-428 PDF
04 Kenneth Robbins A Normal Christmas 429-433 PDF
05 Ramesh Chandra Tiwari You dilly-dally? 434-442 PDF
06 Dr. Riyad Manqoush The Fence 443-447 PDF

Book Review

01 Mudasir Altaf Bhat The Half Mother by Shahnaz Bashir 448-450 PDF
02 Deepika Rani The One Night Affair and Other Stories by Madhulika Chauhan 451-452 PDF
03 Gagan B. Purohit Sukama and Other Poems by Nandini Sahu 453-456 PDF
04 Joie Bose These Hills Called Home: Stories from a War Zone by Temsula Ao 457-460 PDF
05 Dr. Vinita Singh Chawdhry The Plays of Girish Karnad: A Study in Myths and Gender by Abhishek Kosta 461-462 PDF
06 Sagarika Dash The Dark Abode by Dr. Sarojini Sahoo 463-466 PDF
07 Varsha Singh NINE: Vengeance of the Warrior (Book Two) by Shobha Nihalani 467-468 PDF


01 Dr. Ajit Kumar An Interview with Dr. Ampat Varghese Koshy, a Poet from India 469-474 PDF





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