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Indian Literature

01 Vincy J Dasan Re-interpreting the Myth with a Vision for a New World: A Probe into Sarah Joseph’s The Vigil 01-08 Download
02 Dr. T. Deivasigamani Treatment of Eco- Feminism in Kamala Das’s Select Poems 09-18 Download
03 Dr. Shankaranarayan K Karnad’s Anju Mallige, a ‘Glocal’ Play (Global and Local) on Incest 19-28 Download
04 Aasif Rashid Wani & Dr. Naveen Kumar Mehta Major Trends in Indian Writing in English: A Critical Analysis 29-37 Download
05 Dr. Kamaljit Sinha New Woman in the Novels of Shobha De 38-43 Download
06 Srirupa Mahalanabis Ismat Chugtai: The Formidable Emancipator: Reading Selected Short Stories 44-51 Download
07 Kiran deep Singh & Dr. Narinder Sharma Anti-Orient Equation in Gurdial Singh’s The Last Flicker 52-59 Download
08 Dr. Rebecca Angom Veritas in the Portrayal of Women in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things 60-68 Download
09 Victor Mukherjee Domestic Violence, Caste Discrimination and Gender Concerns: Some Reflections on Vijay Tendulkar’s Kanyadaan 69-78 Download
10 Chhutan Dey Thematisation of Narrative Space: A Study of Salman Rushdie’s Novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories 79-89 Download
11 Garghi.S & Radhakrishnan Rajasekaran Postcolonial Reading of Select Poems of A.K. Ramanujan 90-96 Download
12 Sanjana Resistance and Modes of Representation of Resistance in Omprakash Valmiki’s Work Amma and Other Stories 97-102 Download
13 Dr. Mirza Sibtain Beg Contemporary Reality and Indianness in the Poetry of Nissim Ezekiel 103-112 Download
14 Dr. Pradnya Ghorpade Victimization of Women in the Hands of Men and their Patriarchy in Mahesh Dattani’s Bravely Fought the Queen 113-118 Download
15 Mamta Mishra Thengphakhri Tehsildar: A Journey from British Loyalty to Rebellion 119-125 Download
16 Dr A. Rama Subbiah Apparent of New Woman in Shobhaa De’s Snapshot 126-131 Download
17 Muzifar Yousuf Masterpieces of Literature: A Mirror on Darkness 132-139 Download
18 Priyanka Kaushal & Dr. Dipali S. Bhandari Treatment of Education: A Study of R.K. Narayan’s Novels 140-147 Download

Dr. Vineeta Sharma & Dr. Nalini Jain

Multiculturalism in the Novels of Kamala Markandaya 148-158 Download
20 A.Gopika Raja A Kaleidoscopic Unraveling of the Socio Cultural Dilemma in  Khushwant Singh`s Train to Pakistan 159-164 Download
21 Purnima Gupta The Inheritance of Loss: A Narrative of Displacement 165-171 Download
22 Iram Shafi Allaie The Period of 90s and Kashmiri Pandits: A Study of Our Moon Has Blood Clots by Rahul Pandita 172-179 Download
23 Tresa P T & G.Ruby Indra Sinha’s Animal’s People: A Study Based on Eco Toxic Consciousness Perspective 180-187 Download
24 Basudeb Chakrabarti ‘Oh what a curse it is to be less in number’: Religious Majoritarianism and Identity Constructions in Dattani’s Final Solutions 188-199 Download
25 Sweta Paliwal & Dr. Sunayna Mishra Glimpses of Violence in Chitra Banerjee’s Oleander Girl 200-206 Download
26 Dr. Aparna Mandal The Politics of the Body in Mahasweta Devi’s Short Story “Draupadi” 207-215 Download
27 Dr. Somnath Barure Unwinding ‘Jagannath Culture’: A Journey through Niranjan Mohanty’s Prayers to Lord Jagannath 216-222 Download
28 Shahaji Mastud Freedom of Thought, Expression and Indian Subcontinental Fiction Writers 223-233 Download
29 Sheetal Lalotra The Twentieth Wife: An Odyssey of Trials and Tribulations 234-241 Download
30 Bilal Ahmad Kuthoo The Poetry of Amir Khusrau: An Embodiment of Sufism and ‘Divine Love’ 242-250 Download
31 Madhurima Sen Nostalgia, Refugee Identity and Disillusionment after Partition in Sunil Gangopadhay’s East-West 251-257 Download
32 Navita Socio-Economic Issues Concerning Transformation of Characters in Rupa Bajwa's "Tell Me a Story ": A Marxist Approach 258-265 Download

Dr. Mamta Beniwal  & Dr. Sangeeta Jhajharia

Invention of New Paradigms for Women’s Identity in Githa Hariharan’s The Thousand Faces of Night 266-276 Download
34 Paramjeet Sandha A Challenge of Unified Identity Faced by an Imagined Community: A Study of Salman Rushdie’s Novels Midnight’s Children and Shame 277-283 Download
35 Neha Kumari & Dr. Rajesh Kumar The Correlation of Myth and Feminism as Presented in Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy 284-290 Download
36 Dr. Sruti Ramachandran A Space that Gnaws and Claws: Locating Manjula Padmanabhan’s Lights Out and Harvest 291-298 Download
37 Nirjharini Tripathy Feminine Sensibility in PatherPanchali 299-305 Download
38 Garima & Dr. Jaibir Singh Hooda Metaphor of ‘Bharat’ in Kaveri  Nambisan’s Popular Novel
The Truth (almost) About Bharat
306-315 Download
39 Subrata Halder Tara:  Some Stars are not allowed to Twinkle 316-321 Download
40 Dr. Shuchi Agrawal The Power of Narrative in Depiction of Three Generation Relationship with reference to Before We Visit the Goddess by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni 322-330 Download
41 Sandeep Chahal Dr. Ajay Sharma's Basra Street: A Petro Fiction in Guise of Oil Imperialism 1024-1031 Download
42 Dr. Pawan Kumar Irony as a Mode of Expression in Githa Hariharan’s Fiction 1032-1037 Download
43 Dr. Ranjita Patidar Existential Dilemma and Marital Adjustment: Protagonists in Shashi Deshpande’s The Dark Holds No Terrors and Roots and Shadows 1083-1091 Download
44 Shahida Samad Critical Realism in R. K. Narayan’s The English Teacher 1092-1099 Download

Film & Literature

01 Jesumol Charles The Emergence of the Strongest “I”:  A Psychological Analysis of Central Character Amarendra Bahubali in S.S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali: The Beginning and Bahubali 2: The Conclusion 331-338 Download
02 Jagdish Singh & Dr. Alpna Saini Screening the White Women’s Dilemma in Colonial India New Historicist Study of A Passage to India (1985), and Heat and Dust (1982) 339-343 Download
03 Anu Kuriakose & Dr. Gigy J. Alex Deconstructing the Gender Binary: A Discourse on Quee(cu)ring in the Film Odum Raja Aadum Rani 344-355 Download
04 Naomi Carey Nonglait Identity, Representation, Self and the “Other”: An Analysis of Harry Potter’s Identity 356-363 Download
05 Dr. Sunitha Srinivas C The (Un)Aesthetic: A Study of the Ugly in Contemporary Malayalam Cinema 364-376 Download
06 Veena N Madhavan Novel Interpretations: A Study of Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Selected Films Based on Literary Texts 377-388 Download
07 Tulsi Verma Films as Mode of Expression and Resistance: A Study of Select Commercial and Non-Commercial Indian Films Based on Dalits 389-395 Download
08 Somjeeta Pandey The Politics of Gaze in the Representation of Women in Contemporary Bollywood Horror Movies 396-402 Download
09 Dr. Manoj Kumar Vidyalankar & Aibhi Biswas Magic Realism in Films: A Study of Beasts of the Southern Wild 403-415 Download
10 Dr. Mohd Faiez A Study of Aditya Chopra’s Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge as a Postcolonial Film 416-422 Download
11 Sarath S The Politics of the Liberal Cinema: A Reading of Israeli Palestinian-Wave Movies 423-430 Download

British Literature

01 Surabhi Jha The Merchant of Venice as an Anti-Semitic Play: Whether William Shakespeare is Anti-Semitic or not 431-437 Download
02 Dr. Pamposh Ganjoo A Study of Revenge in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights 438-442 Download
03 Manasvinee Mukul Inhabiting the Minds of the Dead: An Overview of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies 443-449 Download
04 Aprajita The Dynamics of the Individual and the Community in Lord Jim 450-455 Download
05 Anand Prakash Pathak The Neo-Classical Transgression: Revisiting Pope in Eloisa to Abelard 456-464 Download
06 Suparna Bhattacharya A Reading of “My Last Duchess”: “Perspectives, Preintentions, Recollections” of the Victorian Reader of “Blue Beard” 465-472 Download
07 Saumyadeep Bhattacharya Telling the Diasporic Story: Monica Ali’s Narrative Technique in Brick Lane 473-478 Download
08 Mousumi Kundu Need Based Hierarchy in The Tragedy of Macbeth 479-487 Download
09 Giya Antony Illness in Justine: A Groddeckian Reading 488-500 Download
10 Dr. Nilanjan Chakraborty The ‘in-between’ Experience in the Poetry of Imtiaz Dharker 1038-1049 Download
11 M. Parthiban Avenues of Agatha Christie’s Gendered Criminal Exuberance 1050-1058 Download

Cultural Studies

01 Sanjib Kumar Baishya The Culture of Consumerism: A Critical Analysis of Bhraamyamaan Theatre in Assam 501-510 Download
02 Jamuna A.S. The Quest of ‘New Woman’: A Cultural Change from the Fiction of New Woman Magazine 511-518 Download
03 A.S.Ashakiran ‘The Scion of Ikshvaku’: A Forum for Debate on Contemporary Issues 519-534 Download
04 Dr. Rakhi Radh Krishna Agony of Sita: A Feminist Re-Interpretation of The Ramayana from Sita’s Perspective 535-539 Download
05 Jaymati Kulkarni Polar Identities: An Exploration of the Multiple Myths of Draupadi 540-546 Download
06 Gaurav Kumar “I am looking at Me”: The Self in a Selfie 547-553 Download
07 Bhavya Arora Dalit Autobiographies as Narratives of Resistance 554-560 Download
08 Dr. Debalina Debnath & Srijita Bhattacharyya Locating Folk Cultural Elements in Diasporic Memories 561-567 Download

American Literature

01 Dr. Shruti Das Xenophobia and Ethnic Violence: Colombo in Naomi Munaweera’s Island of a Thousand Mirrors 568-574 Download
02 Rushika Gill Analysis of the Character of Isabella di San Gregorio in Daniel Steele's Novel, To Love Again 575-581 Download
03 Jagadish Barat Existential Concerns in Eugene O’Neill’s Thirst: A Study 582-589 Download
04 Dr.B.Kavitha Langston Hughes: A Revolutionary Poet 590-597 Download
05 Prasanta Ghoshal An Altered Structure of Consumption in Post-Apocalyptic Worldview 598-605 Download
06 Aditi Aspects of Gothic Fiction: A Study of Joyce Carol Oates’ Mysteries of Winterthurn 606-615 Download
07 Neeladevi . K & Dr. Ruby Davaseeli Ecofeminist Perspectives in Barbara Delinsky’s  Looking For Peyton Place 616-622 Download

Language & Linguistics

01 Reshma Jacob Features of Malayali English Consonants 623-631 Download
02 Rashmi Jacob Genderlect and Dynamics of Communication: A Study on what’s app Application User 632-650 Download
03 Dr. Avinash Chander Discourse of Intolerance: An SFL Analysis of Newspaper Editorials 651-665 Download
04 Dr. Shefali Naranje English Language Teaching: Methods and Techniques 666-675 Download
05 Sadiya Jalal

Integrating Multiple Intelligence Activities for Teaching Story Writing to ESL Learners

676-682 Download
06 Dr. Kooshna Gupta Linguistic and Culture: The Issue of Hybridization in Indian TV Advertisements 1100-1110 Download

Comparative Literature

01 Shaifta Ayoub Refugee Stories: Mapping Psychiatric Morbidity in Siddhartha Gigoo’s novel The Garden of Solitude and Meenakshi Raina’s The Divine and the Destiny 683-690 Download
02 Dr. Kamna Singh 'Ilui': Depiction of the Jewish Genius in Select Works of American-Jewish Fiction 691-697 Download
03 Dr. Dipanwita Pal Autobiographical Elements Shaping Future Personality as found within Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s Stradbroke Dreamtime and Selected Works of Lila Majumdar 698-705 Download
04 Ishfaq Yatoo Seamus Heaney’s Ireland and Mahmoud Darwish’s Palestine: A Concomitant Assertion of National Identity 706-714 Download

African Literature

01 M. I. Babu & Dr. S. Barathi The Concept of (Dualism) Religion and Culture in Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God 715-726 Download
02 Velma Mohan Women in Flora Nwapa’s Women are Different Delineated in a New Avataar 727-736 Download
03 Dr Eva Sharma A Guest of Honour: A Post-Apartheid Approach from Nadine Gordimer 737-742 Download

Canadian Literature

01 Dr. Sonia Sharma Hippy Escapism and Counter-Culture in Grass and Wild Strawberries by Ukrainian Canadian Playwright George Ryga 743-750 Download
02 Javaid Ahmad Ganaie Surfacing from Eco-feministic Perspective 751-759 Download
03 Dr. Aparna Nandha & Dr. Milind Brahme The Politics of Naming, Identities and Ideologies in Representations of Hi/story: A Reading of Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost 760-771 Download

Pakistani Literature

01 Dr. Deepak Kumar Singh Negotiating Diasporic Sensibility in Bapsi Sidhwa's An American Brat 772-783 Download
02 Dr. Priyanka Singh Apparatuses and Processes of Women’s Subjugation: An Analysis of Bapsi Sidhwa’s The Pakistani Bride 784-790 Download
03 Shaista Mansoor Clash of Modernity with Theocracy and Tradition: Changing Scenario of Pakistan in Qaisra Shahraz’s Typhoon 791-799 Download

Japanese Literature

01 Anum Mirza Memories, Loss, and Alienation in Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood 800-805 Download
02 Ananya Saha Manga tends to Modernity: Negotiating Transformation through the Lens of Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s A Drifting Life 806-812 Download
03 Binitha Rose Benny Embodying Female Autonomy: Breaking the Codes of “Good Conduct” in Hitomi Kanehara’s Snakes and Earrings 813-820 Download

Critical Theory

01 M. Siva Vidhya Comparison between Plato and Aristotle’s Criticism on Poetry 821-826 Download
02 Dr. Kavitha N Digital Rhetoric, Digital Divide and Subaltern Spaces in New Media 827-834 Download
03 Abdellatif El Aidi & Dr. Yahya Yechouti Michel Foucault’s Theory of Discourse in Edward Said’s Theory of Orientalism 1059-1072 Download
04 Sagarika Dash & Dr Sthitaprajna Critiquing Friedan’s Concept of Motherhood from the Indian Perspective: A Study 1073-1082 Download

Norwegian Literature

01 V. Nirmala Kumari & Dr. K.K. Sunalini Women Perspective in Henrik Ibsen’s  A Doll’s House 835-840 Download

German Literature

01 Harsh Bhardwaj Transgressing the Moral/Immoral Binary in Superman: A Study of Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha 841-846 Download

Sri Lankan Literature

01 Sudipta Phukan Cultural Memory and Mnemocultural Praxis in Roma Tearne’s Fictions 847-855 Download


01 Dr. Sujarani Mathew Mass Media and the Digital Age:Paradigm Shift in Consumer Psychology > 856-864 Download
02 Debdatta Bhaduri The New Faces of Women Empowerment in India 865-872 Download
03 Brahmleen Kaur Sabharwal, Dr. Pooja Gupta & Pooja Khanna Teaching Professional Ethics: Comparative Analysis between Blended and Online Learning 873-884 Download
04 Kasturi Saha Enquiring into the Justifications for Legitimacy of Political Authority 885-891 Download
05 Merina Henam Television and Fan Heroes as Consumable Products 892-902 Download
06 Prerna Pradhan Sacred Space, Spectacle and Being Visible: Exploring the Indra Jatra Festival of Kathmandu 903-916 Download
07 Priyadarshini Kiran & Dr R. Sreedher Integrating Voices with a Vision and Connecting beyond Sight 917-926 Download
08 Dr. Vikash Kumar & Kavita Prasad The Kherwar Movement: Continuity and Contrast 927-933 Download


01 Arijit Basu The Patriot 934 Download
02 Atul Chandra Sarkar The Driftwood 935 Download
03 Bibin Mathew Sebastian Visit to Jaipur 936 Download
04 Christina Alex The Eternally Caged 937-938 Download
05 Craig Kurtz Prologue to the Comedy of Errors 939-940 Download
06 Fareeha Khan A Big Void in the Heart 941-943 Download
07 Dr.C.Gangalakshmi Thrilled Chilled Reverie 944 Download
08 Dr. Gazala Gayas “Love” A Transliteration of Mahjoor’s Ghazal 945 Download
09 Gouri V S Is She Really Sinned 946 Download
10 A.P.Govindankutty The Buddha- Illusion and Reality 947-948 Download
11 Imwapangla Imsong Face of Chaos 949 Download
12 Jaykumar Buddhdev Art and Talents 950 Download
13 Dr. Jimmykumar P. Prajapati But After That… 951-952 Download
14 Michael Lee Johnson Lilly, Lonely Trailer Prostitute 953 Download
15 Kabir Deb Scream 954 Download
16 Lazola Pambo Albino 955-956 Download
17 Kiran Mishra Despite the Fear 957 Download
18 Abhishek S Moosath Broken Memories of a Cat 958-959 Download
19 Muddasir Ramzan Of These Days 960-961 Download
20 J B Mulligan Silver Seeds and Rusty Weeds 962 Download
21 Ruchi Nagpal A Past Full of Memories 963 Download
22 Neetha Prasad Poetry 964 Download
23 Pardeep Kaur A Feminist Proposal 965 Download
24 Sheeba Parveen Pen 966-967 Download
25 Kapilkrishna Thakur The Wall 968-969 Download


01 Akshat Shukla Death on the Prowl 970-972 Download
02 Jagari Mukherjee The Email 973-975 Download
03 Laura Solomon Marsha’s Deal 976-994 Download
04 Navdeep Kaur Kalsi Steps 995-998 Download
05 Dr. Pushpa VK Where to go……? 999-1003 Download


01 Aprajita The Mysterious Ailment of RupiBaskey: A Novel by Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar 1004-1006 Download
02 Ekta Gupta A Day in the Life of Ghulam Sarwar and Other Stories
by Vijay Prakash Singh
1007-1010 Download
03 Dr Fayaz Ahmad Bhat Domestic Violence against Women in Kashmir Valley by Bashir Ahmad Dabla 1011-1014 Download
04 Dr Tauseef Ahmad Parray Orientalism in English Literature: Perception of Islam and Muslims by Abdur Raheem Kidwai 1015-1017 Download
05 Dr. Toolika Wadhwa One Little Finger by Malini Chib 1018-1019 Download


01 Dr. Efthikar Ahamed B. In Conversation withProf. Daniel Drache 1020-1023 Download




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