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Indian Literature

01 Trailokya Nath Parida & Dr. Itishri Sarangi The Comic Vision in Anurag Mathur’s Inscrutable Americans  01-08 PDF
02 Priyanka Selvaraj & Dr. Raichel M. Sylus Against Globalization: Women’s voice in Sarah Joseph’s Gift in Green 09-15 PDF
03 Babasaheb R. Kangune & Dr. Rajendraprasad Y. Shinde Vasant Kanetkar’s Marathi Play Devanche Manorajya (The Reverie of Gods): An Artistic Fragment of Illusion and Reality 16-23 PDF
04 Dipak Ulemale Mahatma Jotirao Phule’s Contribution to Subaltern Studies 24-36 PDF
05 T.Gnanasekaran Cultural Semiotics in Girish Karnad’s ‘Naga-Mandala’ 37-46 PDF
06 Atashi Ghosh Existential Crisis in Indian Women: A Study of R.K. Narayan’s The Guide, Anita Desai’s Cry, The Peacock, Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things and Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake 47-57 PDF
07 K.R. Athista & Dr. G. Baskaran Narrative Techniques in Mahasweta Devi’s Romtha 58-64 PDF
08 Amandeep Kaur

The Voiceless Woman: A Study in Dalip Kaur Tiwana’s A Journey on Bare Feet

65-72 PDF
09 Dr. S. Chelliah Portrayal of Bakha and Bhikhu as Victimized Heroes by M.R.Anand in his Untouchable and The Road with Stream of Consciousness Technique: An Appraisal 73-81 PDF
10 Pratibha Kumari The Female Self in Salma’s The Hour Past Midnight 82-90 PDF
11 Dr. P. Rajini Patriarchal Hegemony and Marital Anguish in Shashi Deshpande’s That Long Silence 91-98 PDF
12 Sneha Elcy Jacob & Dr. Asha Susan Jacob “Global Soul”: A Study Based on Bharati Mukherjee’s Leave It to Me 99-104 PDF
13 Dr. Richa Tripathi

What Women Want Is ‘Equilibrium’ A Discourse of Gender-Crisis in Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl

105-121 PDF
14 Dr. Manisha Shah Linguistic Devices Hybridized:A Reading of Kiran Desai's Inheritance of Loss 122-127 PDF
15 Sadia Parveen Islam, Women and Patriarchy: Reading through Select Muslim Women Writers of Twentieth Century India 128-138 PDF
16 Dr. V. Srividhya & K. Renuka Exegesis as Exemplification of the Character Tilottama in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Mistress of Spices 139-148 PDF
17 M.Sarpparaje & Dr.K.Rathiga Diaspora- Redefined as in Divakaruni’s The Mistress of Spices 149-155 PDF
18 Nongmaithem Suraj Kumar Aspects of Love, Culture and Religion as portrayed in Dr. Kamal’s “Madhabi” 156-162 PDF
19 Dr. Vibha Tiwari Arguing the Genre of My Story by Kamala Das 163-173 PDF
20 Dr. Marie Antoinette Nancy.G Male ‘Feminist Consciousness’: An analysis of The Sanitary Man from a Sacred Land 174-181 PDF
21 Marteena Joseph & Dr. M.P. Devika Unseen Roles of Water in the Waves of Sohan Roy’s Dam 999 182-188 PDF
22 Nirzari Pandit Countering Global Metaphors of the India Growth Story through Local Ones in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger and Last Man in Tower 189-196 PDF
23 Dr. Manoj Kumar Pathak Absurdities of Borders and Frontiers of Conflict: A Study of The Shadow Lines 197-202 PDF
24 Dr. B.C. Nayak Reading You I Could Hold: A Versified Narrative of Love 461-474 PDF
25 Jyoti Annarao Patil Analysis of Asif Currimbhoy's An Experiment with Truth (1971) 582-588 PDF
26 Pallavi Mishra Ajeet Bharti’s “Bakar Puran”: As a Narrative of Contemporaneous Contexts and their Meaningful Misrepresentations 589-595 PDF

American Literature

01 Mohammad Ali Alaeddini, Mozhgan Eyvazi & Mina Khoshniyat Violence and Self-destruction in Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club and Bret Ellis’ American Psycho 203-213 PDF
02 Saba Fallah & Alireza Anushiravani Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five: From Fact to Fiction 214-220 PDF

Sandeep Kour & Ravinder Singh

The Nature Wails with Me: Postcolonial Motifs and Themes in Welch’s Winter in the Blood 221-228 PDF
04 G.Elakkiam & Dr.S.S.Nirmala The Existential Predicament in Richard Wright’s The Outsider 229-235 PDF
05 Nadia Shah Robert Frost: The Poet and the Craft 236-243 PDF
06 Dr. Vizovono Elizabeth Idealism and Disillusionment: A Social Psychological Reading of Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye 244-255 PDF
07 Jacob Alias & Dr. Suja Mathew Jewish Angst: An Ambivalent and Beleaguered Overview of Emplacement of Jews in America with Special Reference to Saul Bellow’s Herzog 256-262 PDF
08 Seema Bashir The Self and the Cyborg: An Analysis of Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 263-269 PDF
09 Nabil Awadh Yahya Farae Is Theatre a Means to Empower Black Women? A Chronotopical Study in the Light of Selected Plays of Alice Childress 475-481 PDF

British Literature

01 Dr. Ashish Kumar Pathak Drama and Liturgy: A Critical Assessment of T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral 270-283 PDF
02 Dr.G.D.Ingale The Cyclical Narrative Structure in Virginia Woolf’s The Waves 284-289 PDF
03 Dr. C. Ramya Sin and Redemption in the Dramatic World of T. S. Eliot with Special Reference to his The Family Reunion: A Brief Analysis 290-297 PDF
04 Dr. Rakesh Chandra Joshi T.S. Eliot’s Concept of Idea, Emotion, and Poetry: An Overview 298-303 PDF
05 Mudasir Ahmad Bhat Wuthering Heights: A Study through the Lens of Gender Bias 304-317 PDF
06 Dr. Namdev Kashinath Patil Homosexuality in Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty 596-604 PDF

Critical Theory

01 Sarika Goyal Class, Gender and Identity: Politics of an Economic Superstructure 318-327 PDF
02 Dr. P T Noufal Literature as a Revolt: The Early Malabar Muslim Literacy Movement 328-337 PDF
03 Nirmala Rawat The Centring of the Marginal in Postcolonial Studies with Special Reference to Dalit Literature 338-345 PDF
04 Ashok K Mohapatra Identity, its Dynamics and Ethics: Some Meditations 346-355 PDF

Australian Literature

01 Ankita Gupta Aboriginal Identity: Believed, Perceived and Retrieved 356-365 PDF
02 Dolon Sarkar Modern Picaresque and Peter Carey’s True History of Kelly Gang 366-372 PDF

African Literature

01 Surita Sharma Enduring Suppression and Seeking Self: A Study of Bessie Head’s When Rain Clouds Gather 373-378 PDF
02 Nilima Meher Race in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah 568-574 PDF

French Literature

01 Muhammad Asif Looking through the Iron Curtain: Dynamics of Totalitarianism in Milan Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting 379-389 PDF

Pakistani Literature

01 Prosper A. Ntambo Ntambo (Mis)Representation of Islam: Postcolonialism and Fear of the Mythic “Orient” in Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist 390-401 PDF
02 Dr. Rachna Davi The Crow Eaters: The Hilarious Saga of Parsi Family 605-613 PDF

Sri Lankan Literature

01 Amanpreet Kaur Diasporic-Gendered Histories: A View of Sri Lankan Women Writers in Australia—Yasmine Gooneratne and Chandani Lokugé 402-412 PDF

Comparative Literature

01 Dr. Sreepriya Balakrishnan Europa and Mahabharata: Mythscapes that Build and Un-Build Nations 413-427 PDF
02 Pooja Gupta Villanelle: A Reviving Literary Form: A Comparative Study of The First Day of Spring of Agha Shahid Ali and Mad Girl’s Love Song of Sylvia Plath 614-621 PDF

Cultural Studies

01 Shelly Parul Bhadwal Contesting Religious Rhetoric and Reform: Pandita Ramabai's The High Caste Hindu Woman and the Widow's Question in Nineteenth-Century India 428-445 PDF

Language & Linguistics

01 Gadekar M. B. & Dr. Ronge P.T. Computational Translation of English Text into Marathi: Noun Phrase Issues 575-581 PDF
02 Vishnu Priya P R The Visual Rhetoric of Beauty: A Semiotic Analysis of Female Representations in the Malayalam Women’s Magazines 622-628 PDF

Canadian Literature


Pulak Avinashi  & Dr Preeti Bhatt

The Significance and Impact of a ‘House’ in Alice Munro’s The Shining Houses 629-635 PDF


01 Anamika Lall The Third Sex Instinct:  A Crime or a Sin- The Analysis and Psyche Related to the Third Sex Instinct and the Hidden Face of Violence 446-452 PDF
02 `Sohail M Guledgudd Media, Popularity, Entertainment Industry and Football Hooliganism 453-460 PDF


01 Dr. Baljit Singh Criteria 482 PDF
02 Dattasmita Mist of Life 483 PDF
03 Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla In anticipation of amber 484-485 PDF
04 Jagari Mukherjee Script 486 PDF
05 Keith Moul Filling New Ground 487 PDF
06 Manasi Maharana My Heart Pants 488-489 PDF
07 Melahat Küçükarslan Emiroğlu You are Still Alive 490-491 PDF
08 Namrata Sharma Suffering 492-493 PDF
09 Naveen Kumar Kottidi Hope 494 PDF
10 Roshini Sreenivasan New Generation 495 PDF
11 Salman Sowdagar Half Baked Love 496 PDF
12 Steven J. Jacobson Sailor 497 PDF
13 Thomas Piekarski Mortal Men 498 PDF
14 Vanita Thakkar Befriend Truth 499-501 PDF
15 Dr. Yagnesh N. Dhoriya The Death of a Teacher… 502 PDF


01 Bindiya Rahi Singh The Troll of Death 503-509 PDF
02 Dr.Chittaranjan Misra Artist of the Brick Kiln 510-523 PDF
03 Kaikasi.V.S Dying to Tell the Tale 524-528 PDF
04 Dr. Priyanka Shrivastava Mylo 529-531 PDF
05 Ramesh Chandra Tiwari The Power of Prayer 532-536 PDF
06 Sandeep From Lust to Love 537-546 PDF
07 Malik Shipra Revelation 547-549 PDF
08 Dr. Subhash Chandra Happy Wedding Anniversary 550-553 PDF


01 Aparna Thomas The Bees by Laline Paull 554-556 PDF
02 Riyaz Ahmad Sheikh Islam, Gender and Democracy in Comparative Perspective
Edited by: Jocelyne Cesari and Jose Casanova
557-559 PDF
03 Mossa. Sohana Khatun The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy 560-562 PDF
04 Shabir Ahmad Mir …And The Silence Whispered by Wani Nazir 563-567 PDF



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