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June 2016 


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01 Ali Mojiz Rizvi Quest for a Meaningful Life: A Case Study of K.A. Gunasekaran’s The Scar 01-06 Download
02 R.Balamurugan & G.Ananthalakshmi Patriarchy and Woman Empowerment: A Study of Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe 07-11 Download
03 Chirag R. Adatiya Narrative Techniques in Sudhindra Nath Ghose’s Tetralogy of Novels 12-16 Download
04 Dr. Darsha Jani ‘Me Hijra Me Laxmi’: A Stirring Saga of a Transgender 17-20 Download
05 M. Eswara Rao The Popular Campus Vocabulary and Language: A Focus on Contemporary Indian Campus Novels 21-25 Download
06 Jamuna AS

Man-Woman Relationship through Marriage: A Study of Fiction from New Woman Magazine

26-30 Download
07 Kaikasi V.S Multiple Facets of the ‘Ramayana’: Readings, Re-readings and Adaptations of the Epic through Ages 31-35 Download
08 Dr. Kalpna Vijay & Dr. Preeti Bhatt Divakaruni’s Queen of Dreams: Terrorism and Tolerance 36-40 Download
09 Dr. SP. M. Kanimozhi Sujatha Bhatt's The Peacock: An Interpretation 41-44 Download
10 Ashoke Kumar Mandal Sarojini Naidu: A Traditional Multiculturalist 45-51 Download
11 Dr. Meena Kadyan The Emerging Trends in Indian Writing in English with Special Reference to Shobha De 52-56 Download
12 Meenu Sharma Role of Effective Communication in Healthy Relationship: A Perspective of Marriages in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreters of Maladies 57-65 Download
13 A.S.Mehala Mutability of Tales in Githa Hariharan’s The Thousand Faces of Night 66-71 Download
14 Monu & Nakul Revitalising Myths in Ramanujan’s Poems: An Ecocritical Study 72-76 Download
15 Nighat Fatima The Indianness in the Poetic Language and Imagery of Toru Dutt, Sarojini Naidu and Kamala Das 77-82 Download
16 Richa Kulshrestha Ratna: A Precursor of Women Empowerment in Raja Rao’s Kanthapura 83-85 Download
17 Sachin C. Ketkar In the Organized Harem of the Octopus: Poetics and Politics of Namdeo Dhasal 86-99 Download
18 Sadiya Abubakar Isa Rupa Bajwa’s The Sari Shop: An Epitome of Indian Women’s Trauma 100-109 Download
19 K.Siva Shankari & Dr.V.Ganesan Conflict between Reality and Fantasy : A Psychological Exploration of Bharathi Mukherjee’s Wife 110-117 Download
20 Shaweta Bansal Inner and Outer Reflections of Woman’s Body and Soul in the Plays of Girish Karnad 118-122 Download
21 Shrinivas K. Dalit Movement and Kannada Dalit Autobiographies Translated into English 123-127 Download
22 Dr. Somdev Banik Re-narrating National History in Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines 128-133 Download
23 Sumbul Nasim The Apotheosis of Nittilai in Girish Karnad’s The Fire and the Rain 134-140 Download
24 Sumeet R. Patil Baby Kamble’s The Prisons We Broke and Portrayal of Women’s Problem 141-145 Download
25 Tanmoy Ruidas & Dr. Aparajita Hazra Re-Narrating of Socio-Political History in Rohinton Mistry’s Novels 146-157 Download
26 Dr. Aradhana G. Vaidya Greed, Corruption and Murder:  Last Man in Tower 158-162 Download
27 G.Vetriselvi & Dr.M.Premavathy A Traveller’s Tale of Amitav Ghosh’s In An Antique Land 163-168 Download
28 Victor Mukherjee Domestic Violence and Gender Conflict in Vijay Tendulkar’s The Vultures: A Study 169-178 Download
29 Archana Sonia Intervention of Kashmiri Language in English Literature: A Study of Our Moon Has Blood Clots by Rahul Pandita 179-185 Download
30 Sadaf Siddiqui Raising Eco-consciousness: An Ecocritical Reading of Selected Short Stories of Ruskin Bond 186-191 Download


01 Balraj Urban Anxiety in the 9/11 Novel 192-200 Download
02 Bidisha Kantha Supernatural as an Instrument of Effective Retelling of History in Toni Morrison’s Beloved 201-208 Download
03 Gayatri Balakrishnan Towards a “Womyn’s” Land: Adrienne Rich’s “Twenty One Love Poems” as a Clarion Call for a Lesbian Order and Idiom 209-214 Download
04 Khundrakpam Nirupama & Dr. Sangeeta Laishram Black Values and the Impact of White Standards of Beauty in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eyes 215-220 Download
05 Ritika Singh Retrospect and Prospect: IyanlaVanzart andThe Woman That I Am 221-228 Download
06 Archana Srinivasan Positive and Negative Role Models in S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders 229-232 Download


01 Dr. Mohd Faiez Class Conflict and Strained Relationships in Hanif Kureishi’s Gabriel’s Gift 233-237 Download
02 Dr. B.Lakshmikantham Enigmatic Protagonists as Victims of the Masculine Force in Anita Brookner’s Hotel du Lac 238-243 Download
03 Raunak Rathee Dynamics of Rhetoric: A Study of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure 244-247 Download
04 Sheryll The Rape of the Lock: A Running Commentary on Fops and Coquettes of18th Century Society 248-250 Download
05 Vibha Dwivedi Thomas Hardy's Female Characters Represent the Problem of Contemporary Victorian Society 251-256 Download


01 Li Guo Remembering the Woman in the Diegesis: Transference in Some of Freud’s Case Histories of Hysteria 257-270 Download
02 Dr. Rajib Bhaumik Translated Resistance to Seek Empowerment: Theorizing Female Diaspora 271-276 Download
03 Sanatombi K Sangma Shape-shifting or Transformation Myth in Garo Culture 277-280 Download
04 K Sivasankar & Dr.V.Ganesan Why Myth in Postcolonial Writing? 281-289 Download


01 Reeba Sara Koshy & Dr. Roshin George “…the world to tie upon a string”: An Eclectic Approach to Nursery Rhymes 290-304 Download
02 Dr. Archana Parashar & Dr. Vineeta Kaursaluja Autonomous Learning through Language Laboratory (CALL): A Digital Revolution 305-313 Download
03 KefyalewWoreta Haile An Exploration of EFL Teachers’ Perception in Implementing Cooperative Language Learning: Shashemene Secondary School in Focus 314-327 Download


01 Emmanuel Chibuzor Okereke The Changing Face of the Judiciary in Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Devil on the Cross and Matigari 328-338 Download
02 Ifediora Okiche Explication of Themes and Tone in the Literary Works of Ayi Kwei Armah, Chinua Achebe and Dennis Brutus 339-345 Download
03 Sucheta Sarjerao Patil & Dr. Pradnya. V. Ghorpade Race Relations in Andre Brink's A Dry White Season 346-351 Download


01 Dr. Arun Dafraik Traumatic Cultural Encounters in Rudy Wiebe’s The Temptations of Big Bear 352-361 Download
02 Nivedita Yohana Postmodernist  Reading  of  George Bowering’s  Allophanes 362-373 Download


01 David Pecan These Wretched Eminent Things: Forging Persona in Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi, with reference to Dante’s Inferno 374-383 Download
02 Kriti Sabharwal

Partition and Displacement: A Comparative Study of  Topi Shukla and Toba Tek Singh

384-389 Download


01 Shweta Chaudhary The Poems of Derek Walcott : An Edge of Defiance; Dismiss Me If You Can 390-401 Download


01 Dr. Disha Madan Dreams and Substance in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment 402-416 Download



R.Sivarajan &


Henrick Ibsen’s Ghosts: Ideals and Victims 417-420 Download


01 G.H. Abeyweera Yesterday was a Labourer and Today is a Preacher
Which is worthwhile?
421-423 Download
02 Aju Mukhopadhyay Plagued by Earthquake 424-425 Download
03 Alka Sharma An Agony 426 Download
04 Dr K Arunlal Theseus 427-428 Download
05 Nayanika Dey Nature’s Bride 429 Download
06 Dr. Divya Gupta Weltschmerz 430 Download
07 Farah Siddiqui Matin Bliss of Solitude 431 Download
08 Frank Zahn Beyond the Senses 432 Download
09 Gerburg Garmann A Nice Diamond or a Moonstone 433 Download
10 R.Malikennisa If I Could Fly 434 Download
11 Manasvinee Mukul The Knot 435-436 Download
12 Sarfaraz Nawaz In the Good Old Days 437-438 Download
13 Sanjay Kumar Thakur It’s Life! 439-440 Download
14 Showkat Ahmad Parray Kite Elusive 441 Download
15 Dr. Sunitha Srinivas C In the Hour of the Wolf 442 Download


01 Nandan Dutta Truth & Lie 443-454 Download
02 Jason Constantine Ford A Hidden Identity 455 Download
03 Runoo Ravi I Will ‘Live’ !!!! 456-465 Download

B O O K  R E V I E W

01 Dr. V. Jaisre The Immigrant by Manju Kapur 466-468 Download
02 Dr Sonika Sethi Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 469-470 Download


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