Jul 062017

The Great Lickspittle


Dr. Mithlesh Kumar Chaudhari

Assistant Professor,

Department of English,

                   G.L.A. University, Mathura, U.P.



A hypocrite, lousy, pompous-brain    

Physique fails to fit to mind insane.

Moody, miserly, rouge and mean                  

A great lickspittle I have ever seen.

Big-headed, cunning, sulky and greedy                    

The theatre of soul is perverse and seedy.

His habit of nasty, crooked and rude

Proclaim his contemporary attitude.

Planted crookedness in his muddy brains      

Robs peace of heart and mocks his brains.

Clean hand, wide mouth, and bright eyes     

Tolerate traitor’s anarchy like the wise.

 In his puny head reasons win race                

 But his dull brain gives him long face.

He works blatantly like a spitfire                   

His greedy deeds smell his desire.

His dome like head resembles to a dotty

Follows his goal like eccentric haughty.

A shadow mocks his unseen fate       

Yet the meanest strikes the rate.

Reluctant orders with flagrant abuse

Teach him the use of fragrant abuse.

Few weeping words to his mind remind-                  

Do better, close tongue, don’t lick behind.

Beside him his deranged spittoon                  

Decries him as a chuckling buffoon.

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