Jul 062017

Waking on an Ocean


Akinkurolere Susan Olajoke,

Department of Languages, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic,

Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria


Deep sleep of the night

Envisaging no evil

Ko! Ko! Ko!

Sea came knocking

None opened the door

But velocity tore all doors

And windows of the castle

Arrant fury of flood

The gods must be angry

For permitting this wahala

Hell-bent visitor of the night

Waking all in odd hour

Bewildering rush of the water

Cover nooks and crannies

Of once envied mansion

The dirty cronies of flood

Quite rattling to behold

Hovering like fishes on the water

Far from delightful glee

Of Lake Garda in Italy

Far from the interesting spree

Of boat from terminal to San Toma


But now

Dangerous sailing elusive

Jumping too deadly a mission

Option of uphill task

Boarding the wardrobe

Till the hue of environmental goons

Hands well-prepared to rescue

Souls from water hellhole

Dusk previous never knew

I will be waking on an ocean

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