Jul 062017

Unanswered questions

Reza Babagolzadeh. 


If freedom had a mouth what would it say?

If Iblis had no choice, would he have gone astray?

Would Persia illuminate if Athens wasn't lit?

Would Alexander expand, if not closely knit?

Should have Priam rejected, on behalf of Troy?

Should have Achilles not attended, maybe possess a little boy?

And how could have Cesar changed his promised fate?

How could Becket's assassins cast out such hate?

What if Divinci's inventions were never separated from art?

What if Galileo's fear and faith were taken apart?

Who would have invented if Thomas was not to be?

What would have Braille created if he was able to see?

And Must have blacks slaved for racists to grow?

Must have Nazi's hailed for Hitler to glow?

 Truly, which side of Berlin would have suited your son best?

Which of the three powers was worth to invest?

Why was Lenin's belief molded by Stalin's estate?

Why are new ideologies easier to intake?

How do traditions decipher the modern world to bloom?

How do big bombs blast on innocents to Kaboom?!




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