Jul 062017


Musings on a Juncture!


Ms. Swethal Ramchandran

Guest Lecturer

Sakthan Thampuran College, Palakkad, Kerala.




            Amidst the hustle and bustle of the day,

            There comes a time when

            The curtain lowers for her to arrive.

            She is welcomed with great pomp

            As the curtain goes down with a bell,

            That proclaims her arrival!


            The curtain falls abruptly

            Forming a juncture where,

            Millions of faces come together

            A pause amidst the hustle and bustle,

            A pause that may vex some,

            A pause that is a chance for some to breathe,

            A pause that may mean nothing for some,

            A pause that may light up a few faces

            After all it is the inevitable pause

            At both ends of the curtain!


            And there she comes, the queen of the hour

            Looked upon by all with awe.

            She comes and passes off in a flash

            But continues to linger for a while!


            But does that matter for those who wait?

            No way ! As soon as the curtain rises,

            They rush in to get across

            And it feels like a swarm of bees

            Whirling together with vigour


            How are they different from the bees?

            They rush in without a pause,

            Just as how waves rush onto the shore

            And once in a while, a few of them

            Might pause again,

            Just to look back and find a familiar face,

            A familiar smile or a familiar sight.


            As her lingering fades away,

            Others just flash away in a spur of the moment

            As the juncture was nothing but,

            A crude pause for them!


            Now tell me,

            Are you one of the casual men in rush?

            Or do you ever care to look back again?

            Next time when the curtain falls,

            Go get an answer for yourself!

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