Jul 062017

The After Effect

Sandeep Kumar Mishra


Why is it necessary?

A row of lights when we are supposed to sleep,

Colorful Neon fantasies when we are to dream,

Intoxicants slow our breath

When we should be panting with labor;

Why are there two personalities?

When we have our shadows;

Yes, they call it progress or may be

It is another name for self-destruction,

We intentionally suspend ourselves

Between the seas and the skies

When we have the earth beneath our feet;

Why, on the trees of thesis,

Grow the fruits of antithesis

While there is rich land of synthesis

As we stand among the crowd to

Feel the weight of empty space;

Perhaps we want to hear the whispers

Of stars and planets

But with dead ear to human voice,

Each face is filled with its own far away death

And all traveling with the pack of lies,

Why we not start everything with love?

Always conjoining unlovely things;

We count billion but

To consecrate the hour alone,

Why our consciences strive to be true?

Is it sensible emptiness?

We long to drink the pure mirage,

There is obscurity all around,

Every heart is dipped in dark India ink,

The sky nurses on black milk,

The earth trembles with its own movement,

Passing day by day are chances, beauty, and youth

With its burden of fear and hope of labor and play,

A poet is also part of this dilemma,

If a poem becomes an enigma,

If a poem does not offer a solution,

Don't read or look at it;

Otherwise, it will affect you like an after effect

Of a wrongly prescribed medicine

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