Jul 062017

Reading Jack and Jill

Dr. Bishakha Mandal

When I had read Jack and Jill

They were still moving up the hill,

And were tumbling down

I had a feeling insecure,

To ask them to leave the town.


Fetching water all day long

Had to be a monotonous task,

I found it hard and boring

And many a times resigned to talk them out of it,

But every time I got close to them

They ran away with a blast.


When I had read Jack and Jill

The pail of water had not spilled,

It was still morning

And the well still stood still.


Every time Jack was the first to fall down

And bruise his head,

Tis Funny to the world may be

But was not to me,

I was sympathetic to the poor boy’s pain

But all was in vain.


When I had read Jack and Jill

Jill always remained silly and stubborn,

She was jealous all the same

Being a sibling kept her fame.


Jill the dedicated sister as she was

She couldn’t let her brother suffer in the past,

So she joined him in his pain

And came tumbling in the dust.


In the end the two little soldiers

Got back home,

Received a piece of their mother’s mind

Jack stood there with his bumped head,

And Jill with her crumpled dress

All and all what can I say,

That incident was their Sunday’s best.

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