Jul 062017


Sandeep T. G.

Asst.professor, Dept of English

Sree Kerala varma College

Thrissur-680011, Kerala.



Some protest with silent, sticky tongues

Coiled within a muted mouth…


Some with an arrogant finger

raised up against a saber…


Others with a daring chest

puffed with mutiny and death.


Making disruption possible

with the tumult of a hurricane,

a fearless fray with finality,

a bloody hammer knocking

the grey mounts of ignominy…


Some need arms that bleed violence

a brusque boot that stamps dust,

a rough voice that crumbles trust.


Even a stare- a protest.


Bleak faces, desperate,

migrating to a distant hemisphere

of desolation and thunder

wonder what a protest means, sounds like..


For them,

terrible is a scuffle with hunger, the Baron,

the bullet and the barrack…


Yet with a languid gaze

they proceed in awe

surpassing the sultry blood

that paint the signboards…


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