Jul 062017

Translation of Kirti Choudhry's Poem in English


Sheeba Parveen 

Assistant Professor

Delhi University



A life was given

which was not lived

It was elixir

But was not drunk

Kept wandering

Thirsty and lifeless

In search of that lake

Which was inside

Closed and still

Didn’t give that to our own self


Kept asking for love and promise

‘People have become promiscuous’

Kept repeating

Gave nothing to one’s own self

Kept searching figures

Of decoration

For those dreams-which were not seen


An age has passed

And a whole life

Without living

Full from inside

And empty from outside.


Kirti choudhary:  Samagra Kavitayen, pub. by Medha Books, Naveen Shahdra, Delhi.


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