Jul 062017

Life in Death

                                                                                                                        Fareeha Khan

What if I die today or tomorrow?

Under the sun or inside a burrow

With pleasure or with sorrow

Demise shrouding today or tomorrow


Numb senses paralyze the ethereal light

Emanating from the sun blinding the sight

Seeing unseeingly and yet the sun is bright

Today or tomorrow, in day or in dark night


What if wondrous darkness prevailing the dark fate

Recede into the oblivion with princely, royal gait

Bright darkness of death pervading every corner of late

Death and demise gnawing at my simple bait


Weave with golden threads the darkness of death

Shroud my own self into the silvery white sheath

The incessant dark hole and unending yearning

Never lasting calling and satanic shrilling


The snarling howling of the wolfish cries

I listen to the shrieks standing by the window

Shadows loomed large and incandescent glow

Blurring my vision and I welcome death behold and lo


The azure oblivion imbues the heart beat with lust of life

The dusky dawn of demise has its own enigmatic cries

Stranded in between life and demise I silently grieve

Life won the case and I live, both life and die


I triumphed and I live my triumphant life with bowed head

Standing forlorn in the corner my triumphant life on a thread

Glistening with tears my victorious life never a word was said

Vanquished death stood in the mid withheld high head



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