Jun 062017

Special Issue 

Library and Information Science

Vol. 8, Issue VII (May 2017)




Title of the Paper



01 Adinath Gopinath Darandale SWOT Analysis of National Digital Library of India 01-09 PDF
02 Dr. Amita S. Pradhan Scaling the Job Satisfaction of Central Library Staff of Sinhgad Technical Education Society (STES), Pune 10-20 PDF
03 Dr. Ganesh D. Kulkarni Collection Development in Institute of Hotel Management Library in Aurangabad: A Study 21-31 PDF
04 Kiran Dhondiram Guldagad Usage of Internet by College Students: A Survey 32-43 PDF
05 Dr. Meenal Oak Job Satisfaction of Library Professionals: A Study of Arts, Science and Commerce Colleges (NAAC A Grade) in Pune City 44-56 PDF
06 Dr. Rajendra M. Marwade Access of Electronic Information Resources among Selected Academic College Libraries: An Evaluative Study 57-70 PDF
07 Rajesh Balasaheb Agavane Special Libraries: An Overview 71-79 PDF
08 Ramakant Amar Navghare Digital India Power to Empower: An Initiative of Government of India 80-86 PDF
09 Rupali V. Oak Application of Cloud Computing in Libraries 87-96 PDF
10 Dr. D. T. Satpute Bibliometrics Analysis of Open Access Electronic Journals in Library and Information Science 97-107 PDF
11 Shahaji Shankar Waghmode SMS Alerts Service in Sonubhau Baswant College Library: A Best Practice 108-116 PDF
12 Dr. Shantashree Sengupta Apathy of Present Age Library & Information Science Education and Professionals 117-124 PDF
13 Subrata Biswas Content Analysis of the General Degree College Websites and Libraries Affiliated to University of Kalyani, Nadia and West Bengal: A Study 125-134 PDF
14 Dr.Veena M.Kamble Digital Preservation of Rare Book: Special Study of Flora of Marathwada 135-148 PDF
15 Vrushali Borkar Awareness, Acceptance, Observations and Competency towards E-books Among University Library Staff: A Survey 149-159 PDF
16 Md. Yeosuf Akhter & Subrata Biswas Analysis of Universities Website and Library Content in West Bengal: A Study 160-168 PDF


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