Jul 062017


Dr. Sangeeta Mahesh

Asst. Professor, Poet & Critic

Moradabad Institute of technology



Don’t get shaken

With storms in your life

These are transient


 Joy of little one has no bound

Selling all cups of tea

To the other children of his age


 Doors of my destiny have been locked

I am searching the keys

Which are lost somewhere


 I am lost in a maze

No path is visible

I am sure to find


No more hatred on this planet

Make it a garden

Full of blooming flowers of love


 Spread the light of happiness

In the life of deprived children

True meaning of Diwali


 I just picked and  treasured

The bricks thrown by others

The beautiful mansion was built


 I bore the pressures

And troubles of the world

I was polished  like a gem


My life is a landscape

The presentation changes

With the change of the viewers


 How can I compose a song

The heart wails and cries

Seeing the sorrows of the world


Areal song is one

That sings aloud

The wails and sorrows of man




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