Jul 062017


Rebecca Lyle

As I would first wake, still cloudy from sleep-
I felt normal till realization set in, feeling

the bile and alcohol I drank to try to ease the pain,

from a mind that was crazed and half insane.


There was not enough alcohol to fill the

seven seas that would take the atrocities

that were done to me. All I could feel was

alone, for the one I loved was gone.


Taken by those I trusted, leaving me

trusting no one at all, I was but a child-
all alone in a world filled with cruelty.

I felt the ache right into my bones.


The sun would never shine on my face-
I lived in perpetual darkness.

Sadness filled my every waking moment-
Happiness was never again to be found.


The cold wind blew through my soul,

telling me my life would always be this.

Every single day I felt my heart break again-
Nothing could make what I lost better.


Wishing each night, I would never wake in the morn,

when I did, cursing God for not taking me home.

Soon I lost all faith at all, permanently scarred,

life just left me feeling always tired.


When others would say repent or go to Hell-
I would wickedly laugh, saying I will be

quite comfortable there, for my life was

nothing but Hell on this Earth plane.


Now I am old and still it seems so new.

Cruelty is a lesson I never learned.

Still I go on, knowing soon it won’t matter.

My mind was tortured and soon will be gone.

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