Jul 062017

Fear is it?

Ruchi Nagpal

They   say she is dauntless, exultant,

I see a timorous face.

Her eyes may glitter,

For the world to please,

 I see tears pooling their way.

She may chortle,

Her artifice joy,

I see the yell suppressed.

She walks with an,

 Ebullient pace ,

I see her soul despondent.

Her voice a mirth,

A jovial song,

I see a dirge beneath.

She may live her life,

In our eyes, sated,

I see shackles restraining her wings.

Afraid she is,

“Of what?”, I ask,

She says, she does not know.

Afraid of love, of hope, of dream,

A cure I am looking for.

“Have faith” I said,

Assuring her,

You will meet bliss one day.

She winked “till death”,

Mirror fell and cracked,

And lost..

She went away.

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