Jul 062017

Childhood (Regained)

Vrisen Kumar Singh

Teacher of English language

Sunbeam Bhagwanpur

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


(Emulated parody to Markus Natten childhood poem)

Is that today I got replenished of irrevocable loss

When I am ceaselessly being credulous

When needs and habits get in an alienated assortment of Moss

When being ignorant is a virtue, not a sin

Incessantly being a craving propensity in chaos callous: Is that today I got restored of irreparable loss

When found my words to be deprived of its Destination

Diverged, diluted being submerged in maladjusted hose

May be when people fail to understand, prefer to judge and hallucinated estimation

When being gullible is crime descended upon me

Is that today I, me, mine being defined

Being possessive and more of made me culpable of smother

Or the stifling words never left any stone unturned

Other made realise of futile wrought efforts I put

When all crave for being I got inched threw

I being naive let others judgemental amid upbraid

This child needs appurtenant entity from eclat to elan

Is that today I regained the dethroned world…


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