Jul 062017

Between the Words

Dr.Vidya Premkumar

Assistant Professor of English

Mithibai College, Vile Parle West,

Mumbai – 400056


I tread the silent spaces

blanks between the words

in our messages.



not really like Derrida,

just the context of our measured words.

I reimagine them in other spaces,

like a coffee shop

over a book of Japanese haikus,

or in the car

with a Hindi song playing loud,

and the words being said louder,

or in a room with the curtains closed

and the darkness hanging in between us

while it is all light outside.

Would all these words then sound different?

Would the spaces be more close

or more distant between the words?

Would it bridge the spaces

between you and me?

Or would it be just words hanging in the air?

palpable but not visible.

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