Appeal to UGC


Dear Readers and Contributors of The Criterion,

On Saturday, 23rd, September 2017 I came to know that The Criterion is not showing in the UGC Approved Journal's List. The news came to me as a shock and I am sure that you might have experienced the same feeling. I have the courage to display this page publicly on the website because I will never mislead academicians and scholars by hiding anything from them. we all are an academic community and we should believe in the good work and fight for injustice if any. 

UGC published its first list on 10th January 2017 including The Criterion among 6 other Indian Journal of English Language and Literature and the Journal was one of 22 Indian Journals in Arts and Humanities. And according to UGC notifications, all the Journals added in the first list were included because they all are indexed Journals. (here is the proof that The Criterion is on the first list 3554232_Journals-5) [click on the blue link, its still on UGC website]

The Criterion being Indexed Journal in Indian Citation Index (ICI) it was added to the first list of Journals. Almost 4 months later UGC asked Universities to recommend Journals to be included in the list because Indexed Journals were not sufficient to accommodate all the possible research outcome from Indian academia in these limited Journals. Only 22 Indian Journals in Arts and Humanities couldn't handle all research done in Arts and Humanities. It clearly means that the first criteria being a strict one there is no reason to remove Journals from the first list.

This Journal is not at all predatory Journal and if you find out some lacunas in the peer-review procedure, publication process or anything else, do let us know. We always welcome constructive criticism and are committed to embracing any changes and policy decisions too. 

In last 8 years, we have published more than 2000 research papers besides creative pieces. Now because of UGC's step to remove Journal from the list has put a question mark on all those published articles. Many scholars won't be able to submit their Ph.D., and many of you people won't be able to claim API points for your recruitment or promotion. I assure you that this Journal will never ever go down and delete its website or published contents. Because, when we started this Journal our purpose was to provide a platform to researchers academicians, writers, and poets to showcase their genuine contribution. We still get international submissions as well as Indian submissions after UGC removed it from the list. But we all together can make a difference by appealing to UGC to accommodate this Journal back in the list not because you published in this journal or I started this Journal but because it's an ICI indexed Journal and which is UGC's primary criteria. 

I request all the contributors, who published their articles in The Criterion, Readers, who read articles published in the Journal and Research Scholars, who cited articles published in The Criterion to appeal to UGC by sending an email to UGC ( putting your genuine experience with the Journal and its practices. 

Here are some of the points you can use in your email to UGC.

Your Name

Designation and Affiliation Details

Talk about The Criterion being an Indexed Journal.

Share your experience with the Journal, its peer-review, publication process, and publication schedule. 

Whether you published, cited or read the Journal for enhancing your research and knowledge. 

An appeal: why UGC should consider this Journal back in the list over below standard Journals still appearing in the list. 

Try to send as many emails as possible through your University faculty, Research supervisors, Research Scholars, college faculty members, and readers. 

Editorial Team,

The Criterion: An International Journal in English