Jul 062017

An Emotional Purgation…


Dr. Smrutisikta Mishra

Department of English,

National Institute of Technology Puducherry,





The sand of time is fleeting fast;

Bringing a metamorphosis of role to cast,

 Castaway, shipwrecked leaf in life’s last;

Is craving relentlessly, to conceal life’s traumatic and nightmarish past.


Remorse and penitence of evil deeds;

Landed me an alien among own kith and creed,

Restlessly I crave for the oblivious childish identity…

Serene, sublime and full of sanctity.


Kaleidoscopic memories of a tranquil past;

Tears my hearts into multifarious parts,

Myth is an anecdote of rebirth and reformatted soul,

“Thou return to dust” is life’s ultimate goal.


Aghast, tormented and haunted by conscience;

Shockingly I question my self-disguise,

Why this Pretention, delirium and simulation to please the selfish, avarice fake world?

All that glitters are not gold!


Every day is a new beginning and assimilation;

I am “ME”, “Myself” and proclaim a caution!

Stop! Stop ‘Oh’ World making me a victim of Social castration,

I have undergone Spiritual and Emotional Purgation…


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